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    [WTS] L2 High five pack and source
    « on: June 28, 2014, 05:29:44 AM »
        Hello guys and welcome to my topic. I am here to sell server Low rate and High rate :P  High Five files. We 've spend a lot of time fixing bugs and making the pack stable and i think we succeeded. Files are based on l2 source's.Well lets go to the doing i will provide some basic information about our files.


        Unique Gm-Shop
        Unique Buffer
        Unique Gatekeeper
        Donate Manager
        Delevel Manager
        Bug Reporter
        Achievement Manager
        Premium Manager
        Elven ruin mod npc
        Mass Castle Informer
        Exchange Manager (Points Manager)
        Clan Searcher
        Wedding Manager
        Casino Manager
        Noblesse Manager

    You can find some here http://l2destroyer.ucoz.com/ . Also you can always join our online test server (always online) and check them.


        Vote reward system Highly secured (npc and command)
        Pc Bang Points
        Alternative payment system(for shops like paying with Not allowed bars etc)
        Private Shop Distance System
        Custom Announcements Settings
        Alternative Clan Leader System
        Augment Custom System
        Distribute Items System
        Custom skill enchant system
        Run of exp item bonus
        Character control panel
        Starting title (on new created chars)
        Restriction for Blink - rush skills while rooted
        Premium accounts
        Auto restart system
        Auto Back-up Manager
        Custom community board (nothing related to l2)
        Killing spree system
        Achievement Manager
        AIO command and npc
        Balance system

    These are some of our features.You can join our online test server (always online) and check more.


    There is implemented Events which provides the following automated events:

        Team vs Team
        Capture the flag
        Advanced Team vs Team
        Thunt pvp

    Everything is configurable ingame from event panel. There are cool maps for your events but you can always create your own using our ingame event panel. Here you will find some photos related to that engine


        .buffer (for premium)
        .aioitem (for premium)
        .Expon .Expoff .Xpon .Xpoff
        .giran .dion .oren etc
        .ccp (click me for image)
        .zone/.enter/.leave (for pvp zone)
        .getreward ( vote reward system )

    You can enable/disable most of them from configs ;)


        Improved Security system (pm me for more information or visit our projects forum)
        Soon there will be client side protection for our customers like lameguard,rguard etc.


        Chamber of Delusion
        Seed of Destruction
        Seed of Infinity
        Kamaloka instaces
        Pailaka instances
        Crystal Caverns
        Tower of Naia
        Steel Citadel
        Tully's Workshop
        Hellbound Town
        Dark Cloud Mansion
        Zaken easy and hard
        Freya easy and hard

    Everything working great and retail like. Join our test server and test them on your own.


        All High Five zones are working.
        All High Five quests are working including Seven Signs series.
        Many High Five features are working.
        High Five skills working 100% retail.
        Resist formulas are retail-like (not like the other ordinary servers)
        Territory Wars
        Siegable Clanhalls
        Seed of Infinity
        Seed of Destruction
        Seed of Anihilation

    contact at skipe    destroyer,pvp

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=19553.0
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