Author Topic: [WTS] L2 Revenge High Five PvP Pack READY!  (Read 3913 times)

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    [WTS] L2 Revenge High Five PvP Pack READY!
    « on: February 13, 2015, 02:53:28 PM »
    Hello everyone! due to lack of time to continue with l2 i decided to sell the pack that i've been working for months. The pack include lot of custom features and the balance has been completely revamped/reworked according l2 pvp club formulas (ru server). All skills working 100%, this may be the most balanced european pvp server you ever played/tested "excluding russians" / most of bugs has been fixed but because of unorganisation i didnt kept the changelogs.

    By purchasing l2 revenge pack you understand that:
    1. This isnt 100% bugfree pack ,the pack is ready only for PvP Rates and not for a midrate, the quests are not working
    2. Server is READY for launch, if you need some support i can give for proper server launch / database wipe,clean
    3. Not all bugs has been fixed yet ,example is nexus 3.0 ,the event engine is abandoned by hnoke ,some configuration doesnt work, you will need to pay a developer to fix the engine
    4. Do not purchase the pack without testing it first! I won't give support for bugs, you will need a developer to fix the remaining bugs "most of bugs has been taken care of ,14 fatal bugs fixed / 69 external bugs fixed / 72 skills reworked according pvp club, all physical/critical min-max value has been reworked/tweaked as well"
    5. If you were a donator on l2 revenge and you are interesting in getting the pack, you may get a discount depend on how much you donated for this project!
    6. If you think the price is expensive then this pack is not for you because 650 euro has been invested on it. Thats including fixes & the custom features.
    7. If you buy this pack to get rich from it, forget about it now! The average donation of 1 succesfull server is between 1500 and 3500 Euro. That depends only by you!
    8. The pack can run fine up to 750 players! but make sure you are running on dedicated and not vps for better performance! RESTART MUST BE DONE DAILY each 24 hours to avoid login problems

    - 100% working Dressme Visual System implemented including .cloakOff/.cloakOn
    - +15/30 Buffs ready at scheme buffer
    - Quake Killing Spree's 5/10/15 up to 100 including HP/CP/MP reset
    - Hunter Deathmatch: Every 30 min, the top 3 ranked players will receive extra Revenge Awards
    - Custom autoflag pvp zone with pvp reward
    - Custom assist reward system (40% chance and 2000 range ,can be changed)
    - Custom Kill/Death Icon on Head
    - Instant Elemental Attribute 300/120
    - Instant +14 Enchant System
    - Perfectly working cancellation system: 5 seconds
    - Custom Solo Zone implemented, Party & Support classes are not allowed inside. Including Tvt red/blue mark effect as well
    - Nexus Engine 3.0 with 14 custom events (require fix on configs)
    - Custom Raidboss Zone with autoflag & Raid Announcement
    - Character starting setup automatically in Vorpal/Elegia/Raid Jewels etc.
    - 14 Custom God cloaks (including dark/light with effects)
    - 2 100% working vote systems implemented (topco & topzone, you can pick one or both) ,simply .getreward / .vote and receive the reward in-game ,noone has to wait anything and no php required)
    - changepassword / repair /menu most important commands implemented
    - 6 Custom God/Lindvior Armors implemented "for visual" (Can be used to make them extra sets as well)
    - 3 Custom Swimsuits from GOD.
    - Several beautiful custom npcs from GOD "at chooice"
    - 1vs1 Battalion Auto GM Event Engine  /  you can choose to participate and you will be automatically teleported/fight against someone when your turns comes "randomly" . Loosers will be teleported out of coliseum and receive looser reward. Everyone who participated will walk away with price. The last man standing gets the highest prize (reward must be gaved mannualy to the last people).
    - Hero System GM System (In order to give Hero to people who donated in your server, will be explained after purchase)
    - Aio GM System / Augment system with all type of augment (stat included) including full clan skills for people who donate

    All can be easily configured/deleted

    655 Euro has been invested on the pack in total. Thus it will be sold at less than half price. Only 330 280 Euro / Only serious people!
    Website: http://l2-revenge.com/
    Paypal/Paysafe/Western Union methods accepted
    Skype Contact: lineage2revenge

    Project has been discounted with 30 50 euro.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2packs-files/23/wts-l2-revenge-high-pvp-pack-ready/22446/
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      Re: [WTS] L2 Revenge High Five PvP Pack READY!
      « Reply #1 on: February 16, 2015, 06:28:22 AM »
      Discount 50 euro!
      Price decreased from 330 Euro to 280! This may be final price.

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