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    WTS L2j Faction Serverpack - Copy L2java Faction.
    « on: July 17, 2012, 03:31:57 PM »
    L2j Faction Serverpack - Copy L2java Faction.

    Hola a todos bueno tenia este serverpack guardado y pensé en venderlo, es base l2jacis rev 254, consta con mob java Faction, es copia igual a L2java Faction, un 100%...

    Video - mas abajo la config del serverpack.


    Config del Serverpack.

    Bueno paso a mostrarte las configuraciones del Faction, y de sus Flag(todas 100% config).


    #                      Faction Engine
    # Enable or Disable faction guards spawn.
    FactionEnableFactionGuards = False <----True para los guard Faction.
    # Enable or Disable map voting system. If disabled, map will be changed to the next on list.
    FactionEnableMapVoting = False <----Todos los Players Eligen el siguiente mapa.
    # Enable or Disable faction members balance when player log in.
    # Player will be moved to faction with less players.
    FactionEnablePlayersBalanceLogin = False
    # Team1 Faction Base location (x, y, z, min, max)
    FactionTeam1Base = 147451,27480,-2204,50,50<----base
    # Team2 Faction Base location (x, y, z, min, max)
    FactionTeam2Base = -14167,122140,-2989,50,50 <----base
    # Team3 Faction Base location (x, y, z, min, max)
    FactionTeam3Base = 18838,145347,-3128,50,50 <----base
    # Spawn location for newbies (x, y, z, min, max)
    FactionNewbieBase = 17724,110385,-6655,50,50 <----Start inicio
    # Enable or Disable .online command to see online status of all factions
    EnableOnlinePlayersVC = True <----use comando .online
    # Show online status of all factions on login
    EnableOnlinePlayersEnterworld = False <---- ver los online al inicio
    # Enable or Disable anti pvp farm by IP protection
    EnableProtectionIP = True <----proteccion de pvp(dual Box)
    # Enable or Disable anti pvp farm on same clan
    EnableProtectionClan = False<---- proteccion de pvp(dual Box)
    # Enable or Disable anti pvp farm on same ally
    EnableProtectionAlly = False <---- proteccion de pvp(dual Box)
    # Enable or Disable anti pvp farm by PDef protection (If target Pdef is less than "ProtectionArmourAmount" , player won't be rewarded)
    EnableProtectionArmour = True <----activar restriccion para usar equipo "S" por PVP.
    ProtectionArmourAmount = 300<----Cantidad de PVP.
    # Enable or Disable protection for pvp rewards if player were killed two times in a row by same player.
    EnableProtectionSamePlayer = True<---- proteccion de pvp(dual Box)
    # Enable or Disable support classes balance on factions.
    # Players with support class won't be able to change their faction to another, where is more support classes
    FactionEnableClassBalance = True
    # Round time. After round end, players will receive voting html to vote for next map
    # 120 = 2h. 60 = 1h. Default: 120 (In minutes)
    MapTimeDuration = 45<----Duracion de mapa(cada cuanto cambia el mapa)
    # Teleport all players back to base on round end. Default: False
    FactionEnableAutoTeleportToBase = True <----una ves finalizada el mapa autotelepor
    # Price to chose new faction
    PriceForFactionchange = 150<----precio para cambiar el faction team.
    # Faction Names
    Team1Name = Sparta<----name faction team
    Team2Name = Saiyans<----name faction team
    Team3Name = Trolls<----name faction team
    # Team Name Colors in RGB format.
    Team1ColorName = FF0000<----color team faction
    Team2ColorName = 0000E0<----color team faction
    Team3ColorName = 33FF33<----color team faction
    # Custom levels at start and for subclass.
    StartingLevel = 78<----inicio LVL al elegir Team Faction
    StartingLevelSubClass = 78<----lvl al tirar sub-class
    # Pvp kills needed to access special gmshop (id: 90) and equip S grade items
    FactionKillsForSpecShop = 300<----pvp requeridos para ver al NPS (id:90)
    # Enable/Disable check for pvp kills when equiping S Grade item.
    FactionForbidUseItem = True
    # Enable or Disable A grade equipment limit.
    FactionEnableAGradeLimit = True<----activado la restriccion de items a por pvp
    # Kills needed to equip A Grade
    FactionKillsForAGradeItem = 100<----cantidad de pvp
    # Enable or Disable anti-heavy system.
    # Dagger, tyrant, and bow classes won't be able to equip heavy type armours.
    FactionEnableAntiHeavySystem = True<----anti Heavy mastery
    #                          Npc/Player speak
    # Use %n for player name.
    # Enable/Disable npc/player say text when chosing faction. "This is sparta!" and so on. Default: True
    FactionEnableSayTexts = True<----Efecto al elegir team faction.
    # Texts for team1 player and npc.
    Team1NpcText = This is Madness!<----comunicado
    Team1PlayerText = THIS... IS... SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAA...!<----comunicado
    # Texts for team2 player and npc.
    Team2NpcText = Hey %n, what does the scouter say about his power level?!<----comunicado
    Team2PlayerText = IT\"S OVER NINE THOUSANDS!!!<----comunicado
    # Texts for team3 player and npc.
    Team3NpcText = Licence and registry!<----comunicado
    Team3PlayerText = Problem, officer?<----comunicado
    #                          Enchant system
    # Enchant system settings
    # Types: PVPENCHANT (will be auto enchanted), PVPSCROLLS (players will get scrolls from pvp) and OFF (simple enchant system).
    # Commands - .setenchant and .info
    FactionEnchantSystemType = PVPSCROLLS
    # Drop chance for enchant scrolls in pvp. Default: 5%
    # Type must be PVPSCROLLS.
    # Player can get normal or blessed scrolls. Random.
    FactionEnchantScrollsDropChance = 5
    # TYPE must be PVPENCHANT
    # Enchant limit for items.
    MaxItemEnchant = 16
    # Kills needed to auto enchant grade B item
    KillsForEnchantB = 20
    # Kills needed to auto enchant grade A item
    KillsForEnchantA = 40
    # Kills needed to auto enchant grade S item
    KillsForEnchantS = 60
    #                     Sp, Item rewards for flags<----config de premio por faction point.
    # Enable or Disable skill points and item reward by capturing enemy flag
    FactionPlayerGetSpItemFlag = True
    # Skill points amount, which player will receive by capturing enemy flag (first - clan level 1-5)(second - clan level 5-7)(third - clan level 7-8)(no clan - third)
    FactionEngineAmmountSpFirstFlag = 157865
    FactionEngineAmmountSpSecondFlag = 100875
    FactionEngineAmmountSpThirdFlag = 75405
    # Item reward, which player will receive by capturing enemy flag
    # (first - clan level 1-5)(second - clan level 5-7)(third - clan level 7-8)(no clan = third)
    # item_id,amount;item_id,amount...
    FactionFlagReward1 = 57,6
    FactionFlagReward2 = 57,3
    FactionFlagReward3 = 57,2
    #                        Exp, points, rewards during pvp<----config de premio por faction point.
    # Enable or Disable experience gain in PVP
    FactionPlayerGetExp = True
    # Experience reward in PVP (first - lvl75-76)(second - lvl76-78)(third - lvl 78-80)
    FactionExpRewardInPvpFirst = 13000000
    FactionExpRewardInPvpSecond = 12000000
    FactionExpRewardInPvpThird = 9000000
    # Faction points reward by capturing enemy base
    FactionPointsRewardFlag = 2
    # Faction points reward by killing enemy faction member
    FactionPointsRewardPvp = 3
    # Player lose faction points on death
    # Amount of points, which player will lose
    PlayerLosePointsOnDeath = True
    FactionPointsLoseAmount = 1
    # Enable or Disable Item Rewards in Pvp
    FactionPlayerGetItemByPvP = True
    # Item Amount (Player will receive - (FactionEngineAmmountItemRewardPvp * Faction Flags Number))
    FactionEngineAmmountItemRewardPvp = 2
    # Item ID, which player will receive in PVP
    FactionPvPItemRewardID = 57
    #                         Party related rewards<----config de premio por faction point.
    # Enable or Disable Item Rewards in Pvp for Party members (also by capturing flags)
    # Party rewards in pvp and by capturing flag is same as killer rewards.
    FactionPlayerGetItemByPvPInParty = True
    # Party Reward only for support classes
    PartyRewardOnlySupportClass = False
    # Reward item Id. Count is same as player pvp reward.
    FactionRewardPvpItmId = 57
    # Chance to get party reward. Default 100%
    Chance = 100
    # Killer reward if he got a party (Player reward + FactionPlayerRewardIfPp)
    # If there is an box character of the killer, killer reward won't be increased.
    FactionPlayerRewardIfPp = 2
    #                     Multiple rewards related to castles<----config de premio por faction point.
    # Increase PVP rewards if clan owns the one of castles.
    # PVP, Party related rewards must be enabled in order to work.
    FactionEnableMultipleCastleReward = True
    # Reward + value if player clan owns Aden castle.
    FactionIncreaseRewardAden = 4
    # Reward + value if player clan owns Dion castle.
    FactionIncreaseRewardDion = 3
    #Reward + value if player clan owns Gludio castle.
    FactionIncreaseRewardGludio = 2
    #                         Round end rewards<----config de premio por faction point.
    # SP reward for best player of the round
    FactionEngineAmmountSpForFirstPlace = 200000
    # Adena reward for best player of the round
    FactionEngineAmmountAdenaFirstPlace = 60
    # Ancient Adena reward for best player of the round. Can be enabled or disabled.
    FactionEnableAaRewardFirstPlace = True
    FactionEngineAmmountAaFirstPlace = 50
    # Adena reward for second best player of the round
    FactionEngineAmmountAdenaSecondPlace = 25
    # Adena reward for third best player of the round
    FactionEngineAmmountAdenaThirdPlace = 10
    # Enable or Disable other item reward for best player (only for the best)
    EnableItemRewardForTopPlayer = True
    # Item id for reward
    FactionItemRewardTopId = 8185
    # Item amount for reward
    FactionItemRewardTopAmount = 1
    # Enable or Disable item reward for all players of winning faction
    EnableRewardWinFaction = True
    # Reward item id. 57 = Adena
    FactionRewardWinFactionId = 57
    # Reward Amount
    FactionRewardWinFactionAmount = 20
    #                         CLASS Balance
    # Magic critical attacks will be: (m.crit rate / ClassBalanceMcrit)
    ClassBalanceMcrit = 6
    # MATK = matk * ClassBalanceMAtk
    ClassBalanceMAtk = 0.8
    #                         Chaos Event<----config Event.
    # Enable or disable Chaos event
    EnableChaosEvent = True
    # Super Haste skill level, which player will get. Max: 4
    SuperHasteLvl = 2
    # Chaos event duration time (Default: 20 minutes)
    ChaosEventDuration = 1
    # Chaos event interval (Default: 120 minutes)
    ChaosEventInterval = 360
    # Reward item id and amount for best player by pvp kills in chaos event
    ChaosEventRewardId = 57
    ChaosEventRewardAmount = 20


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <!-- Town of Giran -->
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="South of Giran" faction_id="1" isCapturable="False" x="80459" y="156629" z="-3288" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="North of Giran" faction_id="2" isCapturable="False" x="80002" y="140179" z="-3470" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="West Of Giran" faction_id="3" isCapturable="False" x="72952" y="147913" z="-3349" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="Grocery Store" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="80412" y="147897" z="-3508" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="Jewelry Store" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="80477" y="149379" z="-3511" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="Magic Shop" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="83260" y="150249" z="-3519" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="The Giran Hall" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="82290" y="148605" z="-3467" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="The Temple" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="87040" y="148629" z="-3402" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="Magic Guild" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="85824" y="153262" z="-3496" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="The WareHouse" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="82618" y="146197" z="-3533" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="Luxury Shop" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="79706" y="145487" z="-3495" />
        <flag mapId="1" flag_type="default" flag_name="Warrior Guild" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="85499" y="146475" z="-3401" />
        <!-- Talking Island Village -->
        <flag mapId="2" flag_type="default" flag_name="The Tower" faction_id="1" isCapturable="False" x="-79245" y="240537" z="-3493" />
        <flag mapId="2" flag_type="default" flag_name="Near School of Magic" faction_id="2" isCapturable="False" x="-91038" y="245220" z="-3676" />
        <flag mapId="2" flag_type="default" flag_name="The Bridge" faction_id="3" isCapturable="False" x="-77074" y="251609" z="-3327" />
        <flag mapId="2" flag_type="default" flag_name="Village Center 1" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="-84150" y="243133" z="-3711" />
        <flag mapId="2" flag_type="default" flag_name="Village Center 2" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="-84362" y="242881" z="-3711" />
        <flag mapId="2" flag_type="default" flag_name="Corner 1" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="-84168" y="239879" z="-3737" />
        <flag mapId="2" flag_type="default" flag_name="Corner 2" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="-81181" y="243385" z="-3732" />
        <flag mapId="2" flag_type="default" flag_name="Corner 3" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="-84423" y="246112" z="-3729" />
        <flag mapId="2" flag_type="default" flag_name="Corner 4" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="-87441" y="242740" z="-3727" />
        <!-- Goddard Town -->
        <flag mapId="3" flag_type="goddard" flag_name="Temple RB" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="147713" y="-53243" z="-2733" />
        <flag mapId="3" flag_type="default" flag_name="North Gates" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="147688" y="-61534" z="-3502" />
        <flag mapId="3" flag_type="default" flag_name="NorthEast Gates" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="152508" y="-58874" z="-3481" />
        <flag mapId="3" flag_type="default" flag_name="NorthWest Gates" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="143003" y="-58746" z="-3447" />
        <flag mapId="3" flag_type="default" flag_name="Goddard Center" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="147703" y="-56140" z="-2781" />
        <flag mapId="3" flag_type="default" flag_name="Ketra Outpost" faction_id="1" isCapturable="False" x="146886" y="-67359" z="-3662" />
        <flag mapId="3" flag_type="default" flag_name="West Area" faction_id="2" isCapturable="False" x="138422" y="-53809" z="-3057" />
        <flag mapId="3" flag_type="default" flag_name="East Area" faction_id="3" isCapturable="False" x="157781" y="-56910" z="-3148" />
        <!-- Dwarven Village -->
        <flag mapId="4" flag_type="default" flag_name="SouthWest" faction_id="1" isCapturable="False" x="111045" y="-173639" z="-596" />
        <flag mapId="4" flag_type="default" flag_name="North Area" faction_id="2" isCapturable="False" x="117887" y="-188680" z="-2698" />
        <flag mapId="4" flag_type="default" flag_name="East Area" faction_id="3" isCapturable="False" x="123937" y="-181800" z="-1879" />
        <flag mapId="4" flag_type="default" flag_name="Water Basin" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="117152" y="-178885" z="-1123" />
        <flag mapId="4" flag_type="default" flag_name="Weapons Shop" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="116174" y="-181499" z="-1353" />
        <!-- Giran Castle -->
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Trees Camp" faction_id="1" isCapturable="False" x="111902" y="140679" z="-3367" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="River Camp" faction_id="2" isCapturable="False" x="107860" y="147361" z="-3215" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Behind Castle" faction_id="3" isCapturable="False" x="120118" y="143987" z="-2841" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Castle Crystal" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="117816" y="144855" z="-2644" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Treasure Room" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="116025" y="145395" z="-2724" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Upstairs" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="117904" y="145451" z="-2420" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Balcony" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="115096" y="144706" z="-2271" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Balcony 2" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="115274" y="145707" z="-2271" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Landing Zone" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="117781" y="145098" z="-2107" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Stone Wall" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="117778" y="143842" z="-2451" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Castle Corner" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="118426" y="145555" z="-2636" />
        <flag mapId="5" flag_type="default" flag_name="Defence Wall" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="113597" y="144641" z="-2574" />
        <!-- Rune Castle -->
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Bridge" faction_id="1" isCapturable="False" x="21760" y="-49122" z="-1301" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Balcony 1" faction_id="2" isCapturable="False" x="12340" y="-50516" z="1245" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Balcony 2" faction_id="3" isCapturable="False" x="11565" y="-48116" z="1248" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Nice View" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="15616" y="-49950" z="866" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Watch Tower" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="13441" y="-52301" z="907" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Stairs" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="14480" y="-49761" z="344" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Watch Entrance" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="15747" y="-49381" z="-163" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Throne" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="10890" y="-49152" z="-537" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Top Secret" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="13773" y="-51193" z="-1091" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Stairs 2" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="10875" y="-50807" z="316" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Top Secret 2" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="13096" y="-46931" z="-1075" />
        <flag mapId="6" flag_type="default" flag_name="Corner" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="14564" y="-51987" z="-967" />
        <!-- Fortress of Saints -->
        <flag mapId="7" flag_type="default" flag_name="Corner Camp" faction_id="1" isCapturable="False" x="70383" y="-95823" z="-1431" />
        <flag mapId="7" flag_type="default" flag_name="Outside" faction_id="2" isCapturable="False" x="71018" y="-91146" z="-1433" />
        <flag mapId="7" flag_type="default" flag_name="Tower" faction_id="3" isCapturable="False" x="72168" y="-94765" z="-504" />
        <flag mapId="7" flag_type="default" flag_name="Shitty House" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="70542" y="-93769" z="-1401" />
        <flag mapId="7" flag_type="default" flag_name="Tower House" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="72308" y="-94435" z="-1271" />
        <flag mapId="7" flag_type="default" flag_name="Carpet" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="70381" y="-95350" z="-1431" />
        <flag mapId="7" flag_type="default" flag_name="Big Tent" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="73975" y="-94257" z="-1401" />
        <flag mapId="7" flag_type="default" flag_name="Royal Guards" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="73874" y="-95521" z="-1354" />
        <!-- Tower of Insolence -->
        <flag mapId="8" flag_type="default" flag_name="Big Gates" faction_id="1" isCapturable="False" x="112748" y="14150" z="10077" />
        <flag mapId="8" flag_type="default" flag_name="Corner 1" faction_id="2" isCapturable="False" x="115222" y="17392" z="7997" />
        <flag mapId="8" flag_type="default" flag_name="Corner 2" faction_id="3" isCapturable="False" x="115995" y="16594" z="7997" />
        <flag mapId="8" flag_type="default" flag_name="Kill or Die" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="114683" y="16094" z="7997" />
        <flag mapId="8" flag_type="default" flag_name="Stairs 1" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="116453" y="15963" z="8513" />
        <flag mapId="8" flag_type="default" flag_name="Stairs 2" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="114597" y="17887" z="8512" />
        <flag mapId="8" flag_type="default" flag_name="Near Satues 1" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="115473" y="17544" z="9007" />
        <flag mapId="8" flag_type="default" flag_name="Near Satues 2" faction_id="0" isCapturable="True" x="116173" y="16878" z="9007" />

    El Precio del serverpack se Habla por MSN, o por PM.

    MSN:(lo pongo en hide para que solo miembros registrados puedan verlo saludos.)
    [email protected]

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=8701.0



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      Re: WTS L2j Faction Serverpack - Copy L2java Faction.
      « Reply #1 on: July 17, 2012, 05:44:08 PM »
      funny, this pack was shared for free (look on sites for 'l2 claw triple faction')


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        Re: WTS L2j Faction Serverpack - Copy L2java Faction.
        « Reply #2 on: July 17, 2012, 08:05:45 PM »
        sorry but this serverpack buy it and if it is as you please share it here greetings design.


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          Re: WTS L2j Faction Serverpack - Copy L2java Faction.
          « Reply #3 on: July 18, 2012, 08:44:54 PM »

          exact same features

          don't try and deny it you know damn well it is free and you are trying to scam people i mean really look at the buffer title it even says CLAW MAGICIAN hahaha
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            Re: WTS L2j Faction Serverpack - Copy L2java Faction.
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              Re: WTS L2j Faction Serverpack - Copy L2java Faction.
              « Reply #5 on: December 12, 2012, 03:21:03 AM »
              Stop selling my pack! I shared it for free somewhere.  >:(

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