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[WTS] Professional Lineage 2 Updaters 3.10Euro
« on: July 13, 2014, 02:30:07 PM »
Hi my name is Dehnise and i create updaters here is my info
sorry for the big sizes you can view the same topic better by clicking here

10.000 Viewers gift


What you will see here
  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
  • My sell list
  • Detailed explanation of my sell list
  • How to contact
  • Payment method
  • Links about my work
  • Some of my skins
  • Some of my customer skins

  • Can I give you a logo in PNG/JPG/BMP format to add it on the updater?
  • Can I see the progress of the updater build process?
    Not actually I will send you photos how it looks when I finish some part of it to tell me if you like it or if you want to change something that you don't like.
  • How fast this work will be done?
    Really fast specially if I don't have other works to do max 2 days (its because I love to work on detail).
  • How the payment works?
    When you see the updater on the photos and you deside that it is ready, you send me the payment on my paypal and when I confirm it I send you the download link of the files you ordered.
  • Payment methods?
    Paypal only (for Greece accepting transections via bank account also).
  • Is this only for game Lineage2?
    NO! It is for every game that uses files from server to client!
  • Is your updater/launcher compactible with any version of windows?
    Yes! its compactible with all versions of windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
  • How much "heavy" is your updater/launcher?
    I use standard and tested analysis pixel DPI resolutions so the updater won't be "heavy" for the computers and run smoothly even in old and low graphic computers and thats the art of it.
  • Is there a bandwidth or general limit?
    NO there is no limit about anything and that includes storage, bandwidth and download speed (could be really high) that depends on your host.
  • If you think I should add something more here, please make your suggestion :)

Featured sell list

  • Website (HTML5 PHP CSS3 Script MySQL) 100€
    • Protections & Anti-Leach +10€
    • Links available: Home, Features, Download, Donate, Rules, Forum. +0€
    • ToP PvP/PK, Total Characters/Accounts, Server ON/OFF (Using safe PDO's) +20€
    • Social Media & hovers Facebook/Twitter/Skype/E-Mail etc.. +10€
    • Pick or All VoteSites Links (redesigned) +5€
    • Template PSD (SOURCE) +250€
    • Setup +10€
  • Forum (Setup only) +5€

  • Logo 20€
    • Logo PSD (SOURCE) +80€
  • Video-Intro 50€ per 30Sec OR I can adapt your video for a fee of 10€

  • Basic Pack4,00€
    • Added Tray Icon with your server logo (if you dont have i can create)
    • Colored Progress Bar resizable.
    • The player can (servers/mirrors/chronicles whatever you call it) choose files from mirrors and the Launcher will update automaticly.
      • Example 1 mirror download the whole Client
      • Example 2 mirror download the patch
  • Standard Pack15,00€ Included [ Basic Pack ]
    • Option to use the Launcher to play in more than one server patch.
      • Mirrors with Descriptions
      • Unlimited hosts, to select by player to download the servers patch ie: Interlude & Freya servers at the same time
    • You can select the wich is the critical files that will always be updated and normal files that the Full Check Button will update.
    • Menu for easier - more flexible use.
    • ''Create Shortcut Feature'' (The first time the Launcher starts, it checks if there's a Shortcut with your name given Example "PL@Y MY SERVER" in your Desktop, if not it creates one)
    • Preview Skin.
    • News URL.
    • What Application updater will start (Default "system\l2.exe" for Lineage2) EDITABLE
    • Modify Windows Hosts so you dont have to change the l2.ini and you can point it to localhost (Advanced users/Administrators will understand what i mean)
    • Select the skin i provided by selecting it (You can have more than one in example: You can ask me to make one for Christmas holidays)
    • I provide a detailed HowTo.txt for everyone how to edit/make/create/add everything in English and Greek languages, even if you are not familiar with this program its easy to use it now!!!
      Note You dont buy the builder? I can do any of the below 1 time free and send you the updater
  • Elite Pack25,00€ Included [ Basic Pack + Standard Pack ] (RECOMMENDED)
    • Html files with
      • Effects Gif / Logo (You must order a logo first 20Euro)
      • Video HD (High Definition) video with HTML5 they don't load, they just play! (Price 50E per 30Sec)
      • Account or your website on iframe (Free with the first price)
      • Status checker of your server (Free with the first price)
      • Protected html from drug/ctrl+u/right click and lots of ways to get into your code (for most famous browsers specially the default IE) (Free with the first price)
      • Game/Login servers status (OFFLINE/ONLINE) (Free with the first price)
      • Online player count (Players: 150) (Free with the first price)
      • Even or whatever you want (even emty html)
    • Updates / Fixes Box can be added with links to the forum/website (classic) i can add social media like facebook tweeter etc. (Free with the first price)
    • Extra css or java scripts hovers etc (price will depend on the difficulty and it will be discussed)
    • Custom Cursor (Mostly the lineage 2 one on links change into sword like lineage2) (Free with the first price)
      Note Free items must be requested on the conversation and tell me what you want
  • Designer Pack250,00€ Included [ Basic Pack + Standard Pack + Elite Pack ] (AIO)
    • Image Sources (button hovers, background) PSD files.
    • Program to compile skin sources yourself.

LOGO: Now you get a discount of -15Euro for buying the Elite Pack!

1) Deviant: Visit my page in devian art by clicking HERE and you will see what i offer and then pm for details

2) Skype: denart_grafistiki

3) My youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZcM9zmgbpHJOld1bz1-f0Q

4) My website http://DenArt-Designs.com

  • Order Implementation Steps
  • We will discuss like interview about your desire on the product you have selected like colors slogan etc
  • For payments for more than 100€ I will get payment in advance amount of 50€
  • I will show you previews until you like the results
  • With the design completion of your order, you pay the remaining amount
  • The payment for my services can be done in the following ways
    • For Greece (με κατάθεση σε τραπεζικό λογαριασμό που θα σας αποστείλω)
    • For The world I accept only paypal (at the moment)

Some of the skins you can choose
Create completely new one!


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Re: [WTS] Professional Lineage 2 Updaters 3.10Euro
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