Author Topic: [WTS] The Smart Bot Protection! Based Only On Server Side! No Bypassable!  (Read 2379 times)

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    In this topic I want to present you the smart way to protect your server from all type of bots!
    As the title is saying the protection is based only on server side and it is impossible to be bypassed!
    What is this protection?
    Well firstly it is providing your server a 100% protection against l2walker, l2net and l2divine!
    L2Tower also is detected with this system. But it will require some more time to collect the proper information.
    The problem for now is that I still don't exactly know how l2tower is working to code a faster protection.
    This kind of protection first we have saw in the mighty L2Inc servers also Lineage2Dreams had it.
    How it is working.
    This system is having allot of functions: (Will reveal some of them)
    • Recognizing packets send from l2net and l2walker clients. And of course banning the players.
    • Counting the speed of the packets related with fight received from clients. The bots are sending almost two times more packets.
    • Counting the right and wrong target requests also the speed and parameters that client without bot will not send ever!
    • Reading packets on EnterWorld that is providing almost 99% information to discover L2Net and L2Walker bots.
    Of course there are more functions that I will keep in secret for some reasons.
    Most of the bots will not be banned instantly like L2Net, Walker or Divine.
    They will be checked by my evil rabbits and the information will be stored into database.
    You will be able to read the information that the rabbits are collecting about who they suspect for bot by typing //bt or //bottracker

    The decision about are they going to eat the ban or they will continue using the bot is for you.

    The trust issues..
    Every one to be satisfied I'm offering the events to be processed like:
    • I will setup a test server so you can login with your bot to test the system.
    • If you are satisfied of the test you will send me firstly the money!
    • Then I will add the code to your source.
    You are not happy of my trading event? Well no one is forcing you to buy!
    I do not tolerate type of people saying: First send me the code.. Well first come and ^_^ me for one hour then I will send it.
    The "I'm not happy" and "My server closed so I will share your work!" cases.
    Well go ahead.. But you need to have in mind that the system will be licensed to only your PC and I will make sure that no other PC will run it
    The engine is coded on L2J-Server H5 and working as the image up is showing. It will be adapted to any pack available out there. Also it will work on Freya and GOD.
    Also can be adapted to Interlude but the effectiveness will be reduced.
    Price and payment:
    The system is costing 30 euro!
    You are getting support to add it and adapt it for your source. Also if errors/problems/bugs occurs you are getting support to be fixed.
    Seems like a fair price for your total bot protection.
    I will take only PayPal or Bank payments. If you are going to offer PaySafe cards just don't bother your self I will not accept it.
    For contact send me an email at [email protected] or add me at skype - walkataaa

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