Author Topic: [WTS]Full GEODATA / PATHNODE for l2jH5/l2russian packs. - CHEAPEST.  (Read 2307 times)

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    NOTICE : Those geodata are supported for JAVA platform, ONLY! Not OFF!

    Hello. I'm here to sell my geodata. Which have been worked A LOT.

    This is currently my first post here. I've got a main account ( rep +10). I've made this one for private reasons. ( Don't want ''friends'' start asking for my geodata, cause I wasted a lot of time to make them and don't wanna give them for free.)

    I'm not saying that geodata are 100% flawless, cause that would be a BIG lie. ( Whoever says that he's lying you )
    Even on official servers, geodata aren't 100% worked. ( Like some places you wouldn't ever go. Sea areas mostly)

    So, the payment will be via paypal/western union, only.
    I wont accept any paysafe or anything else.

    So, now we're coming at the point where I'm not trusted/ or trusted.

    There's a easy way to do that. If ANYONE who's interested to buy those geodata wants, he can check 1 file, any file he wants. I'll send it to You.

    IN CASE OF FINDING A BUG( I doubt you gonna find any major ::) ). You come here, on THIS topic. Report the bug and I'll try to fix it within 24-48h.

    PM me for more information.

    People's recommends :

    trusted and skilled
    Trustable and skilled personRecommandGL Mate ;)
    Trusted Seller :)

    Very nice person , keep it up and gl with a sales.



    Another way of contacting me is skype :  geodata.pathnode
    Don't get fooled by other people who give you another skype ID, this is my official skype account for the sales.

    People who have bought from me are the following :

    soundcip | http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=100109Vouch for this guy he's 100% trusted in my eyes.

    Since I copied/pasted my topic from another forum, I'll say one thing. I'm not very active on forums.

    If You're interested for my services, feel free to add me on skype :


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