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    Hello everyone,
    I deiced that i want to sell my old server's l2warcraft events & mods
    * All mods are for interlude and are adapted to L2jfrozen pack (Can be adapted easly to other packs & versions)
    * Some of the mods were sold / shared to me but were not complete or had some bugs or weren't even for interlude, so be sure that all i sell here even if u saw it shared before are fully fixed, more balanced for gameplay and are already been used on a live server (details of each event below).
    * if you like to see any of these events I host a test server where you can log test them for youself. (download l2.ini - http://www.multiupload.nl/DF674GA4YP) if the test server is down contact me and i'll take it up.

    Phoenix event engine
    * Currently implemenated events: Bomb fight, Battlefield, CTF, DM, Domination, Double domination, LMS, lucky chests, mutant, zombies, Russian Roulette, Simon says, TvT, VIP.
    * Yes i must mention there are alot of stuff fixed and added here like:
    1) Zombies in zombies event are transformed into zombies
    2) Mutant in mutant event will transform into a monster you decide
    3) Fixed death penalty and exp loss during events
    4) Added alot of stuff to LMS to make it alot more balanced: all players will be named "Player", will wear formal wear (wont affect char stats), will hide clan data like crest/name/ally data, players wont be able to talk/pt invite during events.
    5) Fixed issue when spawn killing in bomb fight while spawn protection is enabled (score was increasing)
    6) more..
    * Configureable stuff: register time, time between events, Vote window, event buffer, friendly fire, min/max lvl, match times, rewards, allow potions/skill usage, remove/leave buffs, min players to participte.


    Transformations work:

    Balanced events:

    Price:25 euro20 euro

    * Fully fixed and protected againts exploits (ppl cannot complete an achievement more than once by trading items/clan from each other for example.)
    * Very easy achievements addation/modification
    * Currently implemenated achievements are:
    level, pvp count, PK count, clan level, be hero, be noble, weapon enchant, karma count, adena count, clan members count, be clan leader, be mage class, be married, items count, clan reputation count, own a castle, subclass count, complete achievements, skill enchant, online time, hero count, raid points, raid kills and more.

    Example of achievements:
    Code: [Select]
    <achievement id="1" name="Commander" description="Be a clan leader of a level 8 clan" reward="9142,10" mustBeClanLeader="true" minClanLevel="8"/>
    <achievement id="2" name="Bravery" description="Have 3 subclasses" reward="9142,5" minSubclassCount="3"/>
    <achievement id="3" name="Farmer" description="Bring 200 Sprignant fruits" reward="9142,15" itemAm-beep-t="8787,200"/>

    Achievement 1 means that a player must be leader of a clan lvl 8 to claim the reward (in this case the engine will mark the clan so if leader will give CL to another member he wont be able to re-claim the reward)
    Achievement 2 means that player must have 3 subclasses to claim the reward
    Achievement 3 means that player must bring 200 sprignant fruits to claim the reward (in this case the engine will take the items from the player and will reward him)

    If you want to give more than one reward you can just seperate with ";"


    getting reward for +16 weapon.

    trying to get it again with same weapon on other char - fail.

    Price:25 euro20 euro

    Buff shop
    with this mod players can set a buff sale shop (just like normal shops, but for selling buffs)

    * The buffshop includes the mana the person has
    * Configureable price for buffs
    * Only buffs can be added to the shop (classes that are not buffers cannot set buffshop, including overlords)
    * Buff shops will be stored in DB, and will be restored after server restarts

    setting buff shop:

    buying from buffshop:

    Price:15 euro10 euro

    Elven ruins mod
    the one that was shared on MXC was fully exploitable and bugged, here is a fixed version:
    * when some1 dies he will respawn at the start of elven ruins
    * When some1 SOE he will be removed from the list of raiders
    * When some1 logsout/crash/restarts he will be removed from the list of raiders + get kicked out of elven ruins
    * Fixed timer countdown
    * Fixed not working screen msgs
    * summon not allowed inside ruins.

    Price: 5euro or free when purchasing both achievements & phoenix engine

    Fortress mod
    L2jfrozen already has fortresses enabled, here is what i added:

    * Configureable stuff:
    Reward: You can reward the owning clan with an item, if you want more than 1 item u can use ";"
    Time between rewards: Every how many minutes to reward the clan
    * Reward will be stored in the clan CWH
    * SOE to fortrees have been added (includes client modification)
    * Clans can now own both castle and a fortress in the same time


    Price: 10 euro

    When a golem attacks
    this event is about a raidboss who spawns randomly every xx hours in a difrferent zone (zone gets announced) with special drops.


    Price: 5 euro or free when purchasing both achievements & phoenix engine

    in this event if some1 is not strong enough to kill some other player than he make a bounty on that player (for example 2kk), and when another player kills the wanted guy he will get the 2kk as a reward.

    Stuff added:
    * When a new bounty is made there will be announcement with the wanted guy's name
    * The requestor name will now appear in the infos page
    * Added a check on IP to avoid "farming". (player 'x' who made bounty on player 'y' cannot go kill player 'y' from any char that use that IP that made the bounty, in this case he'll get msg that the bounty did not count because he is the one who made the bounty)
    * Added a check on clan. if player 'x' make bounty on player 'y' and player 'y' and 'z' are in the same clan, player 'z' will kill player 'y' to get the reward but it won't work, he'll get a msg that bounty did not count because they are in the same clan.
    * added a minimum adena reward check (so ppl wont be able to spam bounties with 1 adena)

    Configs: disable/enable take karma when killing wanted ppl


    farm protection in action:

    Price: 5 euro or free when purchasing both achievements & phoenix engine

    Trivia will run automatically (players won't have to register to it like all the free trivias out there..)
    Configurable stuff:
    * Question times: You can decide in which hours a question will be announced
    * Answer time: If no answer will be given during this time event will end
    * A-beep-t of questions to ask


    Price: 10 euro

    Contact me
    * skype - sahar_ati
    * msn/email - [email protected]

    Test Server
    You can log in my test server and test these mods yourself as you wish.
    Just download l2.ini from the following link and connect:
    if the test server is down contact me and ill take it up.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=8166.0

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