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    [WTS]L2J Celebrian Professional Last H5 Emulator HQ ;)
    « on: February 26, 2016, 09:42:24 AM »
    L2J Celebrian Professional Last H5 Emulator HQ

    We are providing ready to be used java based files for the game Lineage2. The setup is really easy, through our well written guides, and within 15 minutes you can be online on your own lineage 2 server. The files are based on open source l2j , l2js , l2jr , cl2c , clc2 , Devl2 and are being developed for more than 5 years. Supports latest java 8 and all of its functions. There are 2 versions that can be used, XML one that stores drops and spawns on XML files and SQL one that stores the same data on the database.

    Why L2jCelebrian ?
    Except from the ready to be used features that L2jC provides the main reason to choose us, is the support.There you can find useful guides, tutorials, shares and information for everything related to L2. There are also always online people willing to help and solve your problems or questions. Another reason would be the free lifetime updates that are taking place every week including new features, problems solved and reworked codes.

    The Team
    We are a powerful team of 5 people. Project owner and founder 'Celebrian' from Belgium , Head Developer 'Kortex' & 'Neoki' from Francia and 'Alibaba','Orkido' as moderators from Francia. Our aim is to built the best H5 java emulator out there, and from what we get from feedbacks we are really close to it. We will never stop working on the project and soon l2jCelebrian will be the one and only worth's trying lineage 2 H5 emulator.

    Website : http://www.l2celebrian.com/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25487.0
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