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    [wts]L2J Dogma Interlude project
    « on: June 07, 2014, 10:29:03 AM »
    Due to my recent health issues I am unable to carry on with this project.
    I am willing to sell it for a good price.
    I will also provide a test server for people to check it out.
    If for some reason I will come back sooner than expected which is a small possiblity,
    I will carry on with the project.
    Here are some informations, although there is alot more in game.

    Here are some of the Official Features


    Exp: x1000
    Sp:   x1000
    Party XP/SP: x2

    Enchant Rates

    Safe: 5

    Max For players: 18
    Max Armor for Players: 16

    Normal Enchant Rate: 75%

    Blessed Enchant rate: 80% up to +13 and then each successful enchant drops it by 5%

    Crystal Scroll: 100% (only from donate, Special events, Raidbosses)

    Customized Features

    Custom Guardian Armors - Armors will have  higher stats than S grade by 15%

    Custom Fallen Weapons - Weapons will have higher stats than S grade by 10%

    *Note - Custom Armors/Weapons you can only acquire by obtaining Special coin
    From RB's

    Special Fallen angel wings = Grant 500 CP/HP have a 5% to drop at the sinister six only !

    Reworked Retail Tattoos, Each tattoo will give 5% to stats as described!

    Customized Community board

    Instead of countless amount of NPCs to cover all areas.
    Community Board will inform you of future updates,staff upgrades.
    Aswell as Raidboss status,PvP/PK info and many more.

    The main town is Aden.
    So a player when dies will spawn in the Aden centre.
    At the start the character spawns inside of Aden.

    PvP/PK info
    Since this is a PvP server,
    there are PvP/PK title and name colours after each 100 PVP.
    Every legal kill will grant you 40 greater CP - Protection of same IP/Clan/Ally etc.

    Every PvP, you will either get granted a Death score or a Kill score.
    Then you can drop down the ranks or climb up the ranks and receive special prizes each week.

    PvP/PK Protector

    When he is around, I would advise you not to PvP/PK,
    he is deadly, creating a Root for 10 minutes as penalty.

    He is situated in the Safe zone,
    and next to the spawns.

    Customized farm zones:

    PvP/Pk zone- No guards, enhanced drops

    Normal Zone 1  No PvP/No PK At spawn - Normal Drops

    *Safe Zone No PVP/ No PK - Small drops to start off

    Mini Raids

    In the Safe farm zone and in the PvP/Pk Zone, there are placed 2 fully customized mini Rb's with skills.
    They are called "Devil's messenger" as they hold a special coin "RB coin".
    Those messengers are trying to smuggle the coins into the Devil's Dogma.
    Stop them before they can escape.
    They have 30% chance of dropping the coin.
    but they drop some LS/Coins as well.

    Its a gamble, will you be the lucky one?

    Champion System

    Champion system is fully online and working,
    Make sure you have full health cause they are tough!

    Shift + Click System

    Lets you check what Each mob/RB drops.

    Siege Reward System

    Enables you to get prizes during and after the siege if you're successful!

    Clan Rep System

    Since dual boxes are not allowed, If your clan goes to war with another clan,
    For each successful kill you will gain 300 CRP!

    Personalized Vote system

    The title is pretty self explanatory.
    There will be an NPC in main town,
    you can only vote every 12H.

    Special Balancer Config

    This config will enable myself,
    To carry out instant changes regarding classes.
    From changing the debuffs reuse time/success rate.
    To changing the base Attack/HP etc.
    Handy tool.

    Olympiad System

    Olympiad will work as retail.
    9 Matches and 1 win to be hero.

    Here is the twist...
    When you reach hero count 5 times in a row!
    You will receive all hero skills on all subclasses!
    cool  ;)

    Customized Auto Events


    Augmention Rates

    High LS = 15% - Obtained from Shop

    Top LS = 30% - Obtained through Votes

    1 Active 1 Passive Max


    .cl - Automatically teleports yourself to the clan leader
    ( does not work if the leader is in any events or olympiad )
    .stat - By left clicking on the desired player and entering the command,
    The player is able to see all details about the character.
    .tvtjoin/.tvtleave/.tvtinfo - Enables you to check the TvT event and sign up.
    .pmoff - A player can put himself into refusal mode, apart when speaking to GM's
    .tradeoff - A player can shut himself off from any trade invites.


    In game reworked Captcha system to fight against,
    L2Tower/L2Net users.
    The captcha will activate every 15 minutes after the hitting of the first mob
    The player will have to choose the correct answer.
    The player will have 2 minutes to respond.
    If player has no responded and mobs are still hit.
    The player gets auto jail for 9999 hours.

    Also there is a random time generator.
    When a player hits a mob in the farm zone,
    there is a 5% chance of the captcha system to appear.

    Price: 60 euros for the compile, 70 euros for the source + compile + backup


    skype - mattlis95

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=19316.0
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      Re: [wts]L2J Dogma Interlude project
      « Reply #1 on: June 08, 2014, 11:38:30 AM »
      price redueced to 40 euro for compile and 60 for the source

      Also added global vote reward system for Hopzone Topzone

      New skill cooldown and success rate formula..

      Reworked all the olympiad Html !