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    [INTERLUDE] L][NoLife PvP
    « on: August 18, 2010, 07:21:37 AM »
    [color="#FF0000"][size="6"]Beta Test Started! (to 20.08.2010 3:00pm GMT+1)[/size][/color]

    New full stable files and new features just join!

    Website: www.l2nolife.com

    --==Main town GIRAN==--

    Exp: 4000 (In Main Town is NPC for lvl UP to 80lvl)
    SP: 4000
    Adena Rate: 1000
    Drop Rate: 1

    Safe Enchant: 7
    Max Enchant: 25

    Normal Enchant Rate: 75%
    Blessed Enchant Rate: 90%
    Crystal Enchant Rate: 100% (only gm event)

    Special Fight system:
    If you hit someone or vice versa then you are bouth in fight mode.
    Players in fight mode cant teleport by GK, use soe or unstuck command.
    In fight mode mana potions have reuse 10s, normal havent (in gm shop you can buy "Mana Drugs" that potions havent reuse in that mode)

    Fix Stuck Passive Augmentation bug
    Fix Cp Bug
    Fix Sublclass bug
    Fix Battle and spell force bug
    Fix Olympiad bugs
    Fix 2x Trade bugs
    Fix Trade enchant exploit
    Fix Clan hall blessed soe bug

    Dualbox killing protection
    Dualbox Olympiad protection
    Dualbox Tvt & CTF protection

    Auto Loot (without RB)
    Auto Skills
    No Weight Limit
    All skills working
    All augmentations working
    ALL Buffs 5h duration
    Retail Olympiad
    On olympiad for get hero you need have 5 fights and 18 points
    Players cant lost more points on olympiad then 10
    Hero skills on all subclass after 2 wins on olympiad
    L2Walker and Phx protection
    Automatic Events TvT & CTF
    Academy dont give any reputation points for get it you need buy item "Reputation Item"
    2x Cp Potions for PvP
    Nobless by click on Caradine Letter
    Augmentation by click on life stone and cancell augmentation by click on gemstone
    Castle crown give plus to CP
    Tattoo with stats
    Raid Boss item - on click summon random epic RB(that item is buyable in gm shop but is hard to get)
    Raid boss cant by healed
    In All Clan Hall GK and Buffer
    In All Castle GK, Buffer, GM Shop and Karma Manager (you can dekarma ther).

    Raid Boss Respawn Time:
    - Valakas 12h,
    - Frintezza 12h,
    - Antharas 12h,
    - Baium 12h,
    - Zaken 6h,
    - Queen Ant 6h,
    - Orfen 6h,
    - Core 6h,
    - Uruka 1h,

    .tradeoff .tradeon,
    .cl(teleport to you clan leader),

    PvP Color System:
    - [color="#afafaf"]100[/color]
    - [color="#737373"]250[/color]
    - [color="#004bff"]500[/color]
    - [color="#ff9600"]1000[/color]
    - [color="#ffff00"]2000[/color]

    PK Color System:
    - [color="#ff00ff"]50[/color]
    - [color="#ffc800"]100[/color]
    - [color="#ff9600"]250[/color]
    - [color="#ff0000"]500[/color]
    - [color="#323232"]1000[/color]


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=1450.0



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      Re: [INTERLUDE] L][NoLife PvP
      « Reply #1 on: August 19, 2010, 03:50:41 PM »
      od razu mowie serwer jest totalna porażką  padl wczesniej bo nasz kochany administrator ustawil sobie pasy takie ze kazdy mogl by trafic za 2-3 razem... nie ma balansu tyle :D


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        Re: [INTERLUDE] L][NoLife PvP
        « Reply #2 on: August 26, 2010, 07:00:18 PM »
        Great server join guys, classes are balanced

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