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    L2 Shogunate Interlude
    « on: December 24, 2011, 05:18:36 AM »
    Przejdźmy od razu do konkretów.. Serwer po ostatnich problemach z dedykiem święći wręcz pustkami, gra na nim zaledwie parę osób. Osobiście polecam tam grać, bardzo fajny bilans postaci , dość łatwa farma i 0 lagów.  Chciałbym abyśmy mu przywrócili świetlność!


    XP Rate: 999 x
    Max Enchant Weapon +18
    Max Enchant Armor +16
    Safe Enchant +6
    Enchant Weapon Rate: 70 %
    Enchant Armor Rate: 80 %
    Enchant Jewelry Rate: 80 %
    Blessed Enchant Rate: 100 %

    Other & Custom Systems:

    No Custom Items!
    Buff time: 2 hours
    Spawn protection 30 second
    AntiFeed protection
    Olympiad: 18:00 - 00:00 +1GMT, every week hero (Full OFFICIAL)
    Armor type penalty (if player dont have armor mastery for armor have penalty)
    Fights messages ex. "You have killed XYZ 5 times."
    Max 31 players in one clan, max 2 clan in one ally
    Balanced Class (everyday update for perfect balance)
    Respawn Raid Bosses (12h - Valakas, Antharas, Baium & 6h - Core, Orfen, Frintezza, Zaken, Queen Ant)
    Pvp/PK rewards
    All subclasses in one npc
    All skills enchant in one npc
    Announce castle lord login
    Pvp/PK color system
    99% Skills balanced
    Offline Store
    Custom Zones
    Wedding, Fishing Systems
    100% Castle Sieges
    Full Geodata & PathNodes

    FEATURES L2Shogunata Server:

    Fully reworked retail like olympiad:
    - players choice 5buffs from npc on stadion,
    - players can not use skills with hp restriction like frenzy, zalot or agelic icon while preparation time,
    - skills are reused after teleport on stadion,
    - players do not see each other to time when fight start,
    - fully worked observation system, including switching between stadion without back to village,
    - players in observation mode do not see losed/gained points,
    - players with same IP can not fight together,
    - teleport back to town right after match end,
    - after olympiad pariod end players do not receive hero status, they need use "Olympiad Monument" and press ther "I want to be a Hero." right after that he will receive hero status.

    Custom reputation system:
    To participate in it you need to talk with "Siege Reputation Manager" and press button "Join".
    In event can participate just players with clan level 5 or more and just if your leader is currently on event (clan members can not participate before clan leader do that).
    Event start on 8:00 am and takes to midnight.
    Event look same like castle siege, and have same rules, clan that own castle will receive 60 reputation points per 60 seconds it mean one point per second.
    Immediately after pressing "Join" in "Siege Reputation Manager" player is teleported to preparation zone, where he can see just his own clan mates, ther he can prepare and when he do that he can use again "Siege Reputation Manager" located in preparation zone to teleport on castle siege zone, players have to choice 8spots.
    If leader of clan that own event castle logout or leave from event, all members of his clan are kicked and castle is going to be free.

    Custom events:
    - Tvt,
    - DM,
    In free time when everything will be greate i will add more.

    - Top List,
    - Dekarma, after press one button set karma to 0,
    - Level up manager, up player level to 80,
    - Raid teleporter, teleport player to raidboss location with interval,
    - Worldwide Gatekeeper
    - Full Shop with custom buylists too (without custom items)

    Combat system:
    Players can not use GK while in combat.
    Mana potion normally do not have reuse but in combat it is 5 seconds.

    - online,
    - deposite, withdraw,
    - away, back,
    - tradeoff, tradeon,
    - votereward,
    - eventinfo, eventjoin, eventleave (TvT, DM),
    - siegeleave, siegeprepare, siegeinfo (used only in "Siege Reputation" event),

    - augmentation after use Life stone and cancel augmentation after use Gamestone D, C,
    - noblesse status after use item,
    - hero item, give hero to time when player logout,

    Server Technologie L2Shogunate:
    - Intel CoreTM i7-920 Quad-Core inkl. Hyper-Threading-Technologie
    - RAM: 4GB DDR3 RAM.
    - 2 x 500 GB SATA-II HDD
    - 1 Gbps Connection.
    - Operating System: Linux Servers.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=5439.0

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