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    L2Einhasdent Freya
    « on: January 26, 2011, 06:28:38 PM »

    *XP 5x
    *SP 6x
    *Party XP 1.5x
    *Party SP 1.5x
    *Adena 4x
    *Drop 5x
    *Spoil 5x
    *Raid Boss Drop 5x
    *Grand Boss Drop 4x, but jewelery drop is 1x


    *28 Buff slots.
    *18 Dance/Songs Slots
    *+ 4 slots from Divine Inspirations.


    *Enchant Rate 65%
    *Blessed Enchant Rate 75%
    *Safe enchant +4
    *Max Enchant Weapon +25
    *Max Enchant Armor +25
    *Max Enchant Jewelery +25

    *[Quests and other]

    *No Need Class Quest and subclass quest also too.
    (Noblesse is needed quest)
    *Vitality system
    *Buffs/Buff Time - Retail Like
    *Jewelry Augumentation.
    *Attribute system
    *All Masterwork items work.
    *DualBox 1+1
    *All caste/clan hall/territorial wars work (and some siegeable clan halls)
    *Standard & Custom events
    *Wedding System
    *Full Anti-Bot System
    *Full Anti-Hack System
    *Working Fishing and Manor System
    *Skills certification
    *Pet Buffer
    *99% of the talismans are working.
    *Skills +80
    *Kamaloka, Pailaka, Crystal Cavern, Tower of Naia and other hellbound *Lv
    81/83 skills work (you can obtain them retail like)
    *Active Gm
    *Some skills that dont work/dont work like retail are fixed or made retail
    *Donation only for hats,event items,agathions etc, no items affecting


    Zapraszamy do gry
    Welcome to the play


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