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    Interlude Server L2Anonymous

    General Info :

    2 Actives 1 Passive per char (Unique feature)
    Augment Chance 20%
    Vote Reward System (Everyone gets x5 Pc Bang Points per 3 votes)
    Unique Passive Balance Skill On Every Class
    No Custom Items
    48 Buff Slots
    5 Debuff Slots
    Custom Client Protection
    Spawn Protection
    Teleport Protection (For flagged players)
    Buffs Protection (For flagged players)
    AntiBuff Shield
    Custom Announce on Login (Castle Lords/Donators/Heroes)
    Anti Feed Engine
    Killing Spree System
    PvP Reward System (PvP Reward Coin)
    Sieges work 100%
    C4/C5/C6 Skills Fixed 99%~
    Friendly & Active GM Team
    No Corruptions
    Dualbox Permitted
    Uptime 99%
    Zero Lags
    Perfect Balance
    Our Community is International
    Our pack consists one of the bests & tested for years

    Rates :

    Xp 5000x
    Sp 5000x
    Drops 1x
    Adena 10000x
    Drop Item Karma 7

    Enchant Rates :

    Safe +4
    Max +18 (Jewels/Armors/Weapons)
    Normal Scrolls 66%
    Blessed Scrolls 100%
    Unique Event Engine :

    14 Events
    Russian Roullete
    Capture The Flag
    Team Vs Team
    Simon Says

    Olympiad System :

    Heroes every week!
    Retail like olympiad !

    Custom NPCs :

    Buffer: All buffs & Schemes
    GMShop: B/A/S Grades, Misc, Dyes, Scrolls
    Custom Shop: Clan Items/Blessed Scrolls/Accessories/Olympiad Items/Rb Jewels
    Server Info Plague
    Augmenter: Portable & easy to use with Skill Enchant Option
    Raid Boss Info
    Top PvP/PK Manager
    Mass Siege Manager
    Casino Club
    Password Changer
    Massive Gatekeeper
    Event Manager (Voting also)
    Achievements Manager
    AIO Grandmaster (Every subclass is available on Maximillian)
    Dyes Manager
    Donation Manager
    Funny Stuff NPC

    Zones :

    Safe Zone (Giran Harbor)
    Farm Coins Zone (Monastery of Silence)
    Farm Adena Zone (Forbidden Gateway)
    Lifestones Zone  (Antharas Lair)
    Starting Zone (Cruma Tower 1 Mob instant LvL 80)

    PvP Zone :

    Primeval Isle
    You keep buffs & res inside & you also get
    PvP Reward Coin with 30 PvP rewards you get 3x Lifestones 50% Chance.

    Raid Bosses :

    Baium (PvP / Pk Zone)
    Queen Ant (PvP / Pk Zone)
    Core (PvP / Pk Zone)
    Drops: Lifestones/Anonymous Bars/Star Coins/Rb Jewels

    Godny Polecenia. Znakomity balans klas, łatwa i przyjemna farma. Zapraszam



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