Author Topic: Cautam un server serios de pvp!  (Read 3685 times)

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    Cautam un server serios de pvp!
    « on: December 18, 2012, 03:13:25 AM »
    Cautam un server serios de pvp!...serios acum..nu l2 pelwis...cred ca sa deschis si redeschis de 10 ori in doua saptamani...sau alte kkturi de servere...lasai reply va rog,!

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=11011.0



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      Re: Cautam un server serios de pvp!
      « Reply #1 on: December 24, 2012, 06:14:33 AM »
      incearca un low rate http://l2-sellknights.eu 4 x


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        Re: Cautam un server serios de pvp!
        « Reply #2 on: December 24, 2012, 06:21:54 AM »
        online de 30 minute , te asigur ca este server serios : www.l2natural.com


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          Re: Cautam un server serios de pvp!
          « Reply #3 on: December 27, 2012, 12:25:07 AM »
          www.l2arctic.com nush daca sa ti-l recomand sau nu insa se deschide in data de 1.1.2013 eu si inca vre-o 10 baieti suntem clanul iSq si o sa intram pe srv . Daca doresti si vrei sa ai parte de ceva pvp , ne intalnim acolo. Cum va merge srv si cum se vor ocupa de el oamenii responsabili asta nu pot sa iti spun. Oricum daca doresti ne vedem pe srv.


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            Re: Cautam un server serios de pvp!
            « Reply #4 on: December 27, 2012, 01:47:30 AM »
            daca doriti sv  bun faceti un bine datimi un pm pentru ajutor fixari editari fie care colt de  pe harta si altele, seriozitate hosting  , pt ai  da drumul am nevoie de sprijin  va multumesc


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              Re: Cautam un server serios de pvp!
              « Reply #5 on: February 06, 2013, 08:17:11 AM »
              www.L2Arctic.com , pare destul de interesant avand in vedere ca e nevoie de teamwork pentru a face rost de Top equipment(e o chestie interesanta pentru un high Rate :) ). A fost Wipe si se deschide din nou astazi.
              « Last Edit: February 06, 2013, 08:17:54 AM by godsbane »


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                Re: Cautam un server serios de pvp!
                « Reply #6 on: February 14, 2013, 03:50:30 AM »
                Website: www.l2emperors.net
                Forum: www.l2emperors.net/forum
                (it will work soon)

                Opening date: 15.02.2013
                Stage: Open Beta ( farm coin's bigger drop | 3 days beta, till 18.02 )
                Time: 20:00 GMT+2

                * Basic:
                - Start level: 1
                - Exp/Sp/Adena x1000
                - Chronicle: High Five

                * Enchants:
                - Safe: +4
                - Weapon Max: +12
                - Armor/Jwls Max: +12
                - Normal Chance: 75%
                - Blessed Chance: 95%

                * Attribute:
                - Stone Rate: 35% - Max level 2
                - Crystal Rate: 45% - Max level 3
                - Jewel Rate: 55% - Max Level 4
                - Energy Rate: 60% - Max level 5
                - Max level: 5
                - Only one element on armor like on epilogue

                * Npc:
                - AIO NPC ( GM Shop, Gatekeeper, Etc )
                - Noblesse Manager
                - Castle Manager
                - Achievements Manager
                - Raid Boss Manager
                - Scheme Buffer
                - PvP/Pk Manager
                - Clan Points Manager
                - Event Kills Manager

                * Events:
                - Death Match, Domination, Double Domination, Last Man Staning, Team vs Team, Capture the Flag
                - Able to get 6 buffs from 10
                - Reward: Winners get 1 event box, Losers get 25 Farm Coin's
                - Event Box description: it have a chance to get Farm Coin's/BEWS/BEAS/GCM
                - Events every 2 hours
                - Event Lord System
                - Description: Every sunday at hour 20:00 an player with most kills on events is selected.
                He will get special reward and colored name.


                * Farming:
                - 3 Farm Area
                - 1 Safe Farm Area
                - 2 Party Farm Area
                - 2 Clan Farm Area

                * Other:
                - Level Up Area
                - Certification Area

                * Raid Bosses:
                - Baylor
                - Benom
                - Demon Prince
                - Queen Shyeed
                - Respawn Time: 4 Hours

                * Grand Bosses:
                - Queen Ant
                - Zaken
                - Baium
                - Antharas
                - Freya
                - Beleth
                - Valakas
                - Scarlet van Halisha ( Frintezza )
                - Respawn Time: 12 Hours

                - Period: one week
                - Start Time: 6:00 PM
                - Enchant Limit: 6
                - Wait Time: 60 seconds
                - Required participants for class based games: 6
                - Required participants for non-class based games: 6
                - Required participants for 3x3 teams game: 6

                General Informations:
                - Main Town: Aden
                - Hero weapons are attributable and enchantable
                - PvP KillingStreak/Hero Login/Clan Leader ( with castle ) login Announcement
                - PvP Weapons/Armors are attributable and augmentable
                - Steal Divinity / Cancellation skills ( return back in 7 seconds )
                - Personal vote reward system ( Topzone, Hopzone )
                - Login Restart Every 24Hours
                - Achivements Manager
                - No Blessed Scroll of Escape when you are flagged
                - No teleport in combat
                - Restricted chat for dead ( except party, clan, alliance )
                - 100 PvP Required to use Global / Shout chat
                - 1000 MP Restore, 7 seconds re-use
                - Unstuck Interval: 10 seconds
                - Weight Limit: x10
                - Buffs/Dances time: 2 hours
                - Max Buffs: 28 | Max Dances: 16
                - CP Potions re-use time is 3 seconds
                - Vesper Armors have same stats as Vesper Noble Armors ( You are able to wear an cloak )
                - No Raid-Boss jewels on GM Shop
                - No Giant Codex on server, only Giant Codex Mastery
                - Farm Zones are big and perfect for PvP
                - Geodata Enabled

                - There is a chance of 5% on every farm mob to get an Antibot Buff.
                - Antibot buff description: You get paralized for 20 hours.
                - How to cancel the buff ? Just ALT+Click on it.

                - Farm Coin
                - Clan Coin
                - PvP Badges


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                  • www.l2rapture.net
                Re: Cautam un server serios de pvp!
                « Reply #7 on: February 14, 2013, 09:42:46 AM »
                www.l2rapture.net...the grand Opening is this Friday!
                Interlude(C4 Featured-max lvl 78) Is like Original L2GOLD !

                This page explains about the basic L2Rapture - Not allowed Episode features and gives some information for the people who are not really familiar with.

                Rates: XP 65x / SP 65x / Adena 65x.
                Server: Full Interlude server - c4 featured / max lvl 78 (retail server) with custom modifications.
                Gameplay: No weight limit, Buffs 1 hour, rebirth, No class change quests, increased movement speed on all classes.

                Rebirth System
                When a character becomes level 78, he can go to the rebirth manager located in Aden and Giran. If you click on the rebirth manager and choose to rebirth then your character will be reset to level 1, with this you will also lose your normal skills (not your gained rebirth skills). When you have done a rebirth, you will receive a Book of Rebirth and Proof of Rebirth skill. Proof of Rebirth will show how many rebirth's you have performed. To gain a rebirth skill you must visit your skill trainer witch can be found in most towns. The skill trainer will take 1 Rebirth Book per chosen skill. Be careful when choosing your rebirth skills because once chosen they cannot be changed! You can only rebirth 3 times! Show me the available rebirth skills.

                Siege Reward System
                Is a system that rewards the victor's clan members on a siege.

                AIO NPC Buffer
                There is a support buffer spawned in every important town.
                The buffs last for 1hour and are free of charge.

                Third Job Change
                As soon as your character is lvl76 or above, you are able to do the 3rd occupation change. This can be done at the NPC job changer ''Carola'' who stands next to the church entrance in Aden Castle Town. Edited: Now you can change even your 1st and 2nd class.

                L2Rapture has it's own noblesse system. Once you have completed 3 rebirths you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become a Noblesse.

                - Death Lord Hallate
                - Kernon
                - Longhorn Golkonda
                - Shilen's Messenger Cabrio

                Once you've collected all the items and your character is lvl78, you can go to the Noblesse NPC ''Eddy Wally'' who's located on the stairs in Aden Town, and become a Noblesse.

                Low lvl Protectors
                All the low lvl zones up to lvl60 are protected by our low lvl zone guards. These guards kill red players in order to give new and low lvl players a fair chance to train up to a decent lvl.

                Boosted Buffers
                In order to give buffer classes such as prophets, bladedancers and swordsingers a fair chance to participate in pvp action, they have been given a special boost. All these classes will receive higher level skills which they can buff on themself only. For example: A prophet will get might3, shield3, windwalk3, haste3, etc. To be updated as soon as all these new skills have been fully implemented.

                A new character will spawn in the basement of Ivory Tower. Here you can buff yourself up and you're good to go! The new character will start with all the needed items.

                Craftable S Grade SA's
                Special Abilities on S grade weapons can be obtained through craft. The recipes you need are dropped from mobs in Imperial Tomb and Elven Ruins. You will need a Warsmith/Maestro lvl 78 with create lvl 8 in order to use the recipes.

                C Grade SA's
                C grade weapons with Special Abilities have been added to the mantra manager. In order to put an SA on the desired weapon you need a certain a-beep-t of animal bones.

                Mantra Drops
                Mantras are needed for weapons/armors A grade and above and for . These mantra drops are now categorized by mob levels.

                Materials & Recipes by Spoil
                Materials, S grade SA recipes, adenas and mantras are now also collectable through spoil.

                Raid Bosses
                A lot of raid bosses have been added! These can be found at their original spawn points. Keep in mind that only the raid bosses of lvl76 and above have been added (Apart from the Ant Queen, Core and Orfen).

                Unique Rapture Weapons
                Weapons with a unique SA on it. These weapons can be dropped from the raid bosses on L2Rapture!

                GM NPC's
                The gm shops and teleporters are custom modded with an easy layout, S-grade can be obtained at the mantra manager.