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    New EP mid serv
    « on: April 03, 2011, 05:41:05 AM »
    Server started on: 25.03.2011

    •XP x35 SP x50 Adena Drop x50 Drop x15 Spoil x15 Raid.Drop x5 Quest.Drop x5
    •Safe Enchant +3
    •Max Enchant +16
    •Enchant Rate:
    •Normal 66%
    •Blessed 70%
    •GM-Shop with items till B-grade the rest u must caft.
    •Scheme Buffer with prophet,dance,songs
    •3 Sub Classes 80 lvl
    •Global Gatekeeper
    •Gracia skills work 99%
    •Tattoos not available
    •Forgotten Scrolls for +81 and +83 Skills at GM-Shop
    •Gracia Epilogue Areas
    •Custom Events every day by GMTeam
    •All Grand Bosses work 100%
    •All Grand Bosses spawn is 1 week
    •Offline Buy/Sell & Craft
    •PvP Announcement
    •1 Hour Buffs Prophet Dance,Songs /20 Buffs+12 Dances/Songs
    •TvT Event Interval 6:00,9:00,15:00,21:00,3:00
    •TvT Event Reward is 1 Giant Codex, 20 Milion Adena, 3 COinf of Luck for accesorys and agations.
    •Olympiad 100% Retail like
    •Noble Quest 100% Works
    •Balanced Classes & Skills!
    •RB Jewels only to Raidbosses
    •Spawn Protection 30 sec
    •Account available on website + changepassword
    •Active and Experienced Development/GMteam.
    •Quest drop/reward x5

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=2820.0

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