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    « on: December 26, 2012, 08:14:25 PM »
    Hello there , today 27.12.2012 L2NATURAL , a classic PvP with an easy gameplay has just started .. download our patch and get ready for the best player vs player fighting experience !

    Basic Information :

     Xp 1000x
     Sp 1000x
     Adena 1000x
     Drop 100x
     Starting character level - 80.

     Enchant rates:
     Safe enchant +3.
     Maximum enchant +10.
     Normal scrolls chance - 70%.
     Blessed scrollts chance - 85%.
     Enchanter NPC(2 Vote Coin) chance - 100%.

     Grand olympiad system is working 100% ,hero every 2 weeks.
     Olympiad 18:00 - 00:00 GMT+2
     Weight limit , Grade penalty are disabled.
     Maximum subclasses 5.
     Free nobless status at Roy the Pig.
     Real gameplay balance between classes.
     Interlude retail skills.
     Maximum buff slots 64.
     Buff time 3H,59Min.
    Top Lifestone chance 15%.
    High Lifestone chance 10%.

    Apella armor ,Combat features and personal MENU:

    Apella armor:
    You can get the Apella armor by farming "NATURAL-ITEM"
     When you have equiped the full set , you will get some BONUS stats.
     Apella armor , is 20% more powerfull than S grade armors.

    Combat features:
    Killing spree system:
     +3 PVP in a row -> Announce: (name) is on a killing spree.
     +7 PVP in a row -> Announce: (name) is on a rampage.
     +15 PVP in a row -> Announce: (name) is on a postal.

     Name color system:
     +200 PVP -> Green
     +400 PVP -> Dark Blue
    +800 PVP -> Orange
     +1000 PVP -> Pink
     +2000 PVP -> Violet
     +3000 PVP -> Light Blue

    Menu box:
    Voice command -> .menu
     Toogle options -> buffs,trade,pm,ss,bss effect,invite,exp,stats
     You can check how many players are online , and view your olympiad stats,character resists and statistics..

    Tattoo BONUS:

    Achievements and Clan Reputation systems !

    Achievements and awards:
    [Hero] Gain hero status -> 50 Top LifeStone Reward.
     [Norn] Gain 200 PVPs -> 75 High LifeStone Reward.
     [Norn] Gain 300 PVPs -> 100 High LifeStone Reward.
     [Norn] Gain 600 PVPs -> 100 Top LifeStone Reward.
     [Darkbringer] Gain 50 PKs -> 10 Top LifeStone Reward.
     [Dealer] Bring 25000 NATURAL-ITEM -> 5 Vote Coins Reward.
     [Gamer] Be online for 10 days -> 100 Top LifeStone Reward.
     [Codex] Have a +11 skill -> 15 Secret Book Of Giants Reward.
     [Myth] Have hero status for 3 periods -> 200 Vote Coins.
     [Vanquisher] Complete all achievements -> 100 Top LifeStone.

     Reputation Points RAID BOSSES:
     Spawned in Giran the manager of clan reputation quest.
     Chose one of six bosses that you want to kill, or your clan members want , you can just sit in giran as a leader.
     Near the quest manager is a special teleporter for every RB.
     After the boss is killed by your clan, get back in town talk with the manager and receive your reputation points.
     Respawn time of the bosses is 20 minutes , reward is 1000-1500 points for every boss.


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=11177.0

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