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    Interlude x3000 PvP Custom.New
    « on: June 18, 2013, 03:19:27 PM »


    Server is OPEN

    Server Rates
    Exp: 3000x / Sp: 3000x / Adena: 1000x
    Items: 2x / Spoil: 2x / Drop: 2x

    Safe:5 *Max Enchant 20
    Normal scroll: 55%
    Blessed scroll: 75%
    Special Enchant: 100%


    Special Features:
    Item Penalty Enabled for example Dagger classes have penalty when use Heavy armor
    Every 1 PvP/PK You Get Rewarded!
    Killing Spree system: Enabled
    Special Tattoos. Bigger Level on Tattoo gives higher stats
    Lord Crown has special stats and Crown Hero
    Auto pick-up items. But not on RaidBosses Drop!
    Colors In Name/Tittle With Count Of PvPs / PKs
    Balance Between Classes
    Auto learn skills.
    Ban Account/Char Announce
    Vote Reward in Hopzone , Topzone
    Warehouse and Freight are enabled.
    Custom Community Board working
    Mid Grade Lifestone- 15%, High Grade- 30%, Top Grade- 45%
    Nobless Status With special item.


    No trade Augmented Weapons!
    Starting With 500kk Adena.
    Starting level: 35.
    For newbie stuff you need to kill monsters in Level zone for picking Newbie Letter.
    Buff Slots Are 99 And 3 Debuffs.
    Escape Time Is 20 Seconds
    Spawn Protection Is 20 Seconds
    L2Phx,L2Walker, Anti DDos protection.
    Special RaidBosses with custom drops.


    Olympiad is balanced
    Olympiad Cycle = 1 Week
    Olympiad Starts At 18:00 And Ends At 24:00
    Hero Weapons Are Not Enchantable


    Siege time: 90 Minutes!
    Min. Clan level is setted to 4
    Max attacker/defenders: 10
    Attacker respawn in 10 seconds


    Special event manager Npc.
    Every Hour event
    CTF, TvT,DM.
    GM Events

    Special Features:

    Custom Npc's
    Global Gatekeeper with special zones on it
    Main Town is Giran Village
    Custom Shop, Special Misc Shop items olympiad.
    Custom Special Buffer.
    Custom Zone Mini Raid Boss PVP/PK.
    Top PVP/PK/Atena/GB/Online Npc

    And that is not all, you can see with your own
    eyes that we have much more things to show!


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=13920.0

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