Author Topic: L2 Divine Reborn Interlude PVP Server!  (Read 1981 times)

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    L2 Divine Reborn Interlude PVP Server!
    « on: July 30, 2012, 01:20:33 PM »

    ->Interlude PvP Server
    ->NO Custom Items !

    ->Why you should join?

    ->No lag
    ->No rolback
    ->Easy farm
    ->Maley auto and gm events
    ->Helpful Staff
    ->Maley unique custom features
    ->90% of skills balanced
    ->90% of classes balanced... (daliy updates for perfect balance)

    ->General Server Rate

    ->Experience: x3000
    ->Spexperience: x3000
    ->Party Experience: x2
    ->Party Spexperience: x2
    ->Adena: x3000
    ->Drop Item Karma: NO drop
    ->Drop Raid: Custom

    ->Enchant Rate

    ->Safe Enchant + 4
    ->Max Enchant + 16
    ->Max with crystal +20
    ->Normal Scroll Rate: 70%
    ->Blessed Scroll Rate: 100%
    ->Crystal Scroll Rate: 100
    ->Server Buff System

    ->32 Buff Slots 24 Song/Dance + 4 Divine = 60 all together
    ->2 Debuff Slots
    ->Town Buff NPC: 4 Hour Buff Duration
    ->If you die in any zone you will never lost your buffs

    ->Olympiad System
    ->We use Gracia Retail like system
    ->Satrt - 18:00 End 12:00 Time Zone +0
    ->Hero Period - 2 Weeks
    ->Anti feed/check olympiad system ( custom )

    ->Subclass Features
    ->No Quest Item request for Subclasses
    ->Max sub class per char = 6

    ->Clan/Ally Features
    ->Clan/Ally/Clan Reputation sell in Custom Clan Npc
    ->Max Clans in ally 3
    ->No penalty when you leave or dismiss clan
    ->Clan level 6/7/8 need 5/10/15 Members

    ->Custom Command System
    ->.online - show online members
    ->.repair - fixed problems with your char like stuck/critical erros

    ->Custom Features
    ->All New Players will start level 80
    ->All New Players will start with 500k Adena
    ->Game Settings Panel - Give you change for better Game Play
    ->Custom Borad System - Give you extra information and few options
    ->Custom farm Zone - The zone will give you farm coins exchange in Gm shop
    ->Custom Clan Reputation give 10.000
    ->Custom V.I.P Coin Give Duble Drop In Zone
    ->Custom Vote Coin change to VoteShop

    ->Augment Features
    ->Max Augments per char 2 ( 1 active + 1 passive )

    ->Mid-Grade Life Stone Skill Chance - 5%
    ->High-Grade Life Stone Skill Chance - 10%
    ->Top-Grade Life Stone Skill Chance - 20%


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=8877.0

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