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    L2 Moon (C6-HR)
    « on: April 14, 2012, 10:30:22 AM »
    It's here! Moon brand new server after tuning is online!

    OFFICIAL START: 04/14/2012 - 20:00 / 8:00am

    So, you're used to it. So, how do you like it. L2 Moon is here for you.

    It is now available to you once again stable game without lag, running at L2J Interlude.
    I will not write that we are 99% functional server, I will not lie to you about how amazing players playing with us.
    Come and play at one of the most famous HR servers on the Czech scene, each alone and we will be happy.
    The only requirement is to follow the rules!
    Server is translated into both English and in Czech.

    Looking forward to equip you - admin server and Game Master - Steels
    More about the settings and the server can be found at www.mystiq.org/l2/moon

    I really look forward to you all. Server continues to develop, so it is not in the final stage. And I hope that will never be over. Still, we will prepare for the news to you and making your game. Changes are seen very soon.

    Information about setting up a server

    XP: 5000X
    SP: 5000 x
    ADEN: 5000X
    DROP: 1
    Spoil: 1x
    QUEST: 10x
    DROP RB: 2

    Max enchant weapon: +18
    Max enchant armor: +16
    Jewel Max Enchant: +16
    Normal scroll enchant: 66%
    Blessed scroll enchant: 77%

    3 hours of buff's
    30 buff's slot + 6 self buff's


    Special NPC (Server info, Special items)
    PVP / PK kills
    GM Shop (up to S grade)
    Global gatekeeper
    Skill enchanter
    Multibuffer (Normal Scheme buffer + buffer)
    Noblesse manager
    Ingame. Commands

    . Repair
    . Deposit
    . Withdraw

    Team vs. Team
    Capture the flag
    Town War
    GM events
    and much more ...

    Anti Cheat Guard 1.5
    L2JCore Guard 3.0 (scoria Protection System)
    Anti DDoS System
    Anti Bot System (Anti-AFK)
    Anti PHX system

    How to connect:
    1) Download the Interlude Client.
    2) Next, download our system
    3) Copy the folder with the game
    4) And in the game to register

    Lots of fun on this fun server you want GM Team

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=7301.0

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