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    L2 Noble [Freya-High Rate] 27/Oct/2012 18:00 GMT +2
    « on: October 22, 2012, 07:29:21 AM »

    Lineage 2 Noble based on L2J files and created to show players how it's the real Lineage 2.

    Experience Rate: x2000
    Skill Points [SP] Rate: x2000
    Adena Drop Rate: x2000
    Drop Rate: x1
    Quest Drop Rate: x1
    Full Freya Geodata & Pathnodes
    Territory Wars/Sieges Working 100% Retail Like
    Herbs Removed
    Fixed Macros(Without /delay)

    Safe Enchant: 4
    Max. Enchant: 12
    Max. Attribute Level: 4
    Normal Scroll Rate: 70%
    Blessed Scroll Rate: 100%
    Attribute Stones Rate: 100%
    Attribute Crystals Rate: 0%
    Karma Drop Rate: 35%
    (After 5 PK Score)
    Top-Grade LifeStones Rate: 70%

    Max Buffs: 28 (+4 From Divine Insipiration)
    Max Dances/Songs: 15
    Inventory Slots: 200
    Max. Run Speed: 250
    Max. Attack Speed: 1500
    Max. Evasion: 200
    Max. Casting Speed: 1999
    Max. Subclass Number: 3
    Max. Subclass Level: 85
    Instant 85 Level
    Player With Karma Can't Teleport
    Max. Fame Points: 75.000
    Delete Char After 24 Hours

    Period: 1 Week (Every Sunday)
    Start Time: 19:00 (GMT+2)
    End Time: 01:00 (GMT+2)
    Have To Wait Time: 30 Seconds
    Max. Win/Loose Points: 15
    Hero Weapons Stat Like Top Freya +12
    Hero Weapons Attributable
    Non-Classed Match Participants: 5
    Class-Based Match Removed

    Sieges Every 2 Weeks
    Territory Wars Every 2 Weeks
    Blood Alliance Points: 5000
    Blood Oath Points: 50
    Number Of Clan Members Needed To Level Up Clan: 10
    All Clan Penalties Removed
    Max. Clans In Same Alliance: 3
    Clan Skills Without Clan Eggs

    GM Shop
    Scheme Buffer
    Global Gatekeeper
    Nobless Manager
    Clan Trader
    Augment Manager
    Warehouse Manager

    Noble Coin:
    (Available from farming in L2 Noble Farm Zones. Required to obtain Equipment and Special Items.)

    Special Noble Coin:
    (Available from L2 Noble vote reward/events. Required to obtain Special Items.)

    High Five Client Cloaks(Zaken, Frintezza, Freya)
    Vote Reward(Every 5 Votes, All Players Get 1 Special Noble Coin)
    TvT Event All Time In Different Areas 2 Times Per Day(Reward: 1 Special Noble Coin)
    Random Farm Zone System(Every 24 hours farm zone randomly changes to another.)
    {PvP} Items Attributable,Tradeable,Augmentable
    Cancel Buff-Returning System
    .tvtjoin / .tvtleave Commands
    .Changepassword Command
    .buffon / .buffoff Commands
    Killing Spree System (10 Kills: Multikill | 20 Kills: Rampage | 30 Kills: Unstoppable)
    Custom Community Board With Top PvP/Pk/Online Players
    Augments Working 100%
    (Passives 10%/Actives 5%)

    CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quad-Core
    RAM: 24 GB DDR3 RAM
    Disk Space: 300 GB SATA HDD
    Bandwidth (Traffic): Unlimited
    DDoS Protection:

    Grand Opening: 27/Oct/2012 18:00 GMT+2!

    Server WebSite
    Server Forum
    (Join our forum to win prizes on Grand Opening)


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