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    L2Blazon Hi5 20x / DDoS Protection / Bot protection !
    « on: July 10, 2012, 04:32:41 AM »

    Server Rates

    Rate EXP - 20 X
    Rate SP - 20 X
    Rate Party EXP - 30 X
    Rate Party SP - 30 X
    Rate Drop Items - 20 X
    Rate Drop Spoil - 25 X
    Rate Drop Adena - 35 X
    Rate Quest Reward - 4 X
    Rate Quest Reward XP - 5 X
    Rate Quest Reward SP - 5 X
    Rate Quest Reward Recipe - 1 X
    Rate Quest Reward Adena - 2 X
    Rate Raid Boss Drop - 5 X
    Rate Grand Boss Drop - 5 X
    Rate Epic Jewels - 2 X
    Rate Nevita XP Bonus - 50%


    Max Buff Amount: 24+4
    Max Dance Amount: 12
    Triggered buffs dont overbuff
    Safe Item Enchant: +4
    Max Item Enchant: Retail
    Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 66%
    Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 70%
    Element Stone Rate: 50%
    Element Crystal Rate: 30%
    Auto Drop Loop: On
    Drop protection based on damage
    Player's Spawn Protect: 60 seconds
    Max Run Speed: 250
    Max PCrit Rate: 500
    Max MCrit Rate: 200
    Max PAtk Speed: 1500
    Max MAtk Speed: 1999
    Max Evasion: 200
    Max Subclass: 3
    Max Subclass Level: 85
    Subclass without quest
    Weight Limit: 10
    Subclass certification working properly
    Olympiad Min Players: 7 Classed/Non-Classed
    Olympiad Min Players: 3 Party
    Spoil Blue Mobs - Yes
    Delevel decrease skills level also !

    H5 Features
    H5 Items and skills and quests
    Frintezza, Freya, Zaken in instance
    Olympiad Quests Working
    Dragon Valley and Lair of Antharas updated to H5
    Nevit's Blessing, Hunting Bonus working

    More working features
    Hellbound works up to 11 lvl
    Seven Sings quests
    Seven Sings instances
    Nornils Garden instance
    Mithril Mine instance
    Steel Citadel
    Sel Mahum Training Ground- Retail Like
    Chamber Of Delusion
    Naia Tower + Beleth
    Seed of Destruction + Raid Boss Tiat - Retail Like
    Seed of Infinity + The Two Brothers instance - Retail Like
    Seed of Anihilation + Raid Bosses Torumba/Taklacan/Dopagen - Retail Like
    Seed of Anihilation farming zone
    Crystal Cavern
    Fortress sieges
    Castle sieges
    Olympiad Games
    All Grand Bosses
    All Normal Bosses
    Knoriks & Dragon Patrollers WORK

    Custom Features

    .changepassword voiced command (In game account password change)
    .atod 1000 voiced command (Opening Ancient Tome of Demons)
    GM SHOP till S
    NPC BUFFER > Manual or Scheme support

    Olympiad every 6 hours
    .expon exp / .expoff
    .shieldon (you will not be overbuffed)

    .getreward (to get vote reward)
    - Community Board: Buffer, GM Shop (REMOVED DUE TO EXPLOIT POSIBILITIES)

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=8592.0

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