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    « on: December 22, 2011, 03:58:02 AM »
    Features of the server:
    • Advanced protection system. Inability to use cheat programs (l2Brute, l2phx, etc.), as well as programs that automate the process of the game (BOT, etc.)..
    • Inability to Twinkie on events and specials at the Olympics (is blocking the iron) - leveling characters are excluded.
    • Implementation of chronicles Interlude as close as possible to the official server.
    • Safe grinding 6, maximum 27, 100% Bless chance
    • Classic Olympus!
    • Our server sharpening occupy one cell in the inventory.
    • All items are sold at once carved on +6.
    • At the start you appear with a status 80 LvL nubles and 500kk adena.
    • The profession is taken in a couple of clicks from a special Npc.
    • There is no tedious quest for subclass and nubles.
    • When taking the subclass, lvl your character is 80th.
    • ECCP reydbossov, we added to our jewelry pe CoinShop.
    • Armor and weapons of Freya Chronicles.
    • Weapons of Aion.
    • Two new tattoo for a mage and war.
    • Two automatic eventa are given for prizes!
    • Unique currency server.
    • The auction bids are accepted for the clan hall game currency EVO Coin.
    • Disabled penalty for wearing any Grade Armor / Weapon.
    • Results can be achieved through the game.
    • New RaidBoss of Freya chronicles.
    • New NPC, Mobs.
    L2EVO portal is a project based on the proven core of Lineage2.
    As they say, "We selected the best that we could find."
    Yes, we have analyzed some of the assemblies Interlude (such as l2rt, la2base, scoria), assessed their strengths and weaknesses, reviewed some of the concept and created a new assembly.
    We're not saying that it is a revolution, but we hope that our work is a high quality work.
    And so we are ready to offer you:
    - A stable server.
    Our statement of stability is based on the technologies used and the control condition.
    - A good implementation.
    The basic functionality is implemented in full. All elite CS, all skills. We do not believe that we have all the skills implemented it on the official server, but their implementation is close to that. We have not implemented skills.
     SITE                                                 ******** WWW.L2EVO.RO *************

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      la l2 evo..ii trebuie un wipe..un nou inceput...cu farm mai usor :)