Author Topic: [L2J - FREYA] L2 Transylvania x1000 PVP server - GRAND OPENING - 7 NOVEMBER 2012  (Read 935 times)

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    Uploaded with

    To be up to date with the lastest news and changes about L2 Transylvania
    please visit

    I. General Info

     This server was developed for more than 5 months and our aim is to provide a balanced gaming environment.
    Behind the Server are sitting experienced developers and game masters that can do everything to help you at anytime.
    Our main goal is to bring fun and satisfaction to our players.

    L2 Transylvania Server is made BY PLAYERS FOR PLAYERS !

    II. Server Info::

     Chronicle : Freya
     Rates: XP/SP/Adena - x1000


    1. Custom GM Shop - up to S84 items, raid boss jewels, consumables, dyes, and custom items

    2. Custom Scheme Buffer - 36 + 4 buffs and 24 dances/songs in just ONE Scheme for 3 HOURS !

    3. Custom Farm Zones

    4. Server Currency : Adena, APIGA, Gold Bars, Golden Apiga, L2 Transylvania Vote Coins.

    5. Auto Class Change -> You will receive a dialog box when achieving the required levels for class change.

    6. Auto Learn Skills (exception: you will need to buy Forgotten Scrolls from GM Shop)

    7. Auto Loot and Auto Pick-up.

    8. There are no restrictions in Farm Zones. You can PVP / PK at will. We will not be held responsible for any lost items.

    9. Safe Zone available for new players.

    10.Easy Nobless by NPC. Easy Augment from Augment Manager.

    11.Offline Shop - Set up your shop and click EXIT

    12.Auto TVT event with reward : Event - Golden Apiga to buy Fame !

    III. Enchant rate:

     Safe : +3
     Maximum: +25

     Normal Enchant: 66%
     Blessed Enchant: 100%

    IV. Future Developments:

     Any future modifications regarding the L2 Transylvania Server will be posted in a changelog.

    V. Hardware Specifications:

     Processor: Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4GHz
     Memory: 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Corsair Dual-Channel kit
     Storage device: SSD Intel 120GB SATA-III 520 Series
     Internet: 100 Mb/s 99% Uptime Connection.


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