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    [L2J] Lineage 2 Esen x1000 [ BETA STAGE 5 APRIL. ]
    « on: March 30, 2013, 04:02:52 PM »

    P.S: These features are only for BETA STAGE, when BETA STAGE will be over full features will be posted.

    Development team wants to present an international project in order to achieve the greatest amount of online players.
    Development team is also aware some things will not work as it should but with a bit of luck and with your help hopefully everything works perfectly.

    Game Specifications:

    Client: [L2J] Interlude - Based on: L2J - Paied Geodata and Pathnode
    Server is secured by a custom security engine which guarantess a full protection.

    L2Esen it's a classic server w/o custom items/armor/weapons.

    Enchant Rates: Chance with normal scrolls 75% - Chance with crystal scrolls 100%- Chance with blessed scrolls 100% 
                              Safe: +3 - Maximum for Weap: +16  - Maximum with crystals : +20 
                              Note*: Crystall Scrolls can be obtained from vote reward and achievements.

    There is a system based armor penalty on armor penalty which means 'offensive characters' can't wear heavy armors.

    Augmentation system is limited to two skill-buffs ( one active - one passive ) , and the chance to get a skill in the augmentation process is 7% for Farmable Stone and 13% for High Stone (Only from reward).
    Quote from:  Other Working & Protection Systems
    - PC Banc Point System. (Enables you to buy accesoryes which gives +10% Speed)                         
    - C1 - C6 Skills Fully Working.
    - Fully working C6 Olympiad & Sieges.
    - Augmentation working.
    - Grandbosses Fully working.
    - Server side & Client side protection coded that protects server from 3rd party programs.
    - Cheat Protection to avoid illegal actions such as wearing overenchanted items.
    - Anti-KS System. The player who gets the drop is the one with the most damage, and not the one with the last hit.
    - Cursed Weapon System (Zariche and Akamanah).
    - Balanced Classes & Skills.
    - Working Geodata.
    - 65% Working Skills. (Value are from real tests.)
    - 80% Working Augmentation. (Value are from real tests.)
    - 99% Working Fusion Skills. (Value are from real tests.)
    Main Town: Giran Town

    Everything I wrote above is a short description which shows the main features of the server, to discover all server features you have to join in the biggest Esen world.

    Clanurile vor avea oferte, pentru info dati mail la: [email protected] .

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=12935.0

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