Author Topic: Lineage 2 Blue Night!!! High Five Server 15x  (Read 1905 times)

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    Lineage 2 Blue Night!!! High Five Server 15x
    « on: February 02, 2013, 02:37:54 PM »
    Hey everyone!
    I'm coming to you with an extraordinar server mid rate, High Five chronicle! !!!

    Read some infos from below!!!
    Server is in test now.
    But in one week is live.
    Join and test it:P
    Good Luck!

    Website: www.l2bluenight.eu/
    Forum: http://addicted2.ro/forums/forum/330-lineage/

    Lineage 2 Blue Night

    Server Rates

    XP: 15x
    SP: 15x
    Spoil: 10x
    Adena: 10x
    Drop: 10x
    Vitality 200% (Double xp/sp)
    FAQ & Custom Addons

    Implemented the High Five Changes 100%!

    Vote scripts: In HopZone and TopZone

    ||AprilFoolsDay||Bountyhunters||Christmas||CofferofShadows||CtF 5 Round
    ||TVT 5 Round||FightClub||FreyaEvent||GiftOfVitality
    ||PcCafePoints||TrickOfTrans||Party Vs Party||Simon Says||New TvT system
    ||Viktorina||Fishing Championship||Russian Roulette||

    Premium Account System(Rate Bonus xp, sp, item, spoil, adena, autoloot)

    No Carrier - when your game client crash your character will still be online as "No Carrier" you will be in party, can receive exp, adena, etc.

    - Class Masters.
    - Ride Hire Enabled.
    - Nick Change Enabled (Allow Simbol).
    - Pet Name Change Enabled.
    - Baby Pet Exchange Enabled.
    - Sex Change Enabled.
    - Title Color Change Enabled.
    - Expand Inventory Enabled.
    - Expand Warehouse Enabled.
    - Expand CWH Enabled.
    - Stuck Vitality Buff for 5 hours.

    .cfg - different personal settings (block animations/private stores/soul shots/etc.)
    .ref - menu system of referrals
    .password - changing the password on your account
    .repair - if your character can not enter the game use this command to another character from the same account
    .whoami - more information about your character
    .hellbound - information of Hellbound
    .exp - shows how much experience points to the need to trace lvl
    .lock_ip - link client service to IP address

    Vote Rewards:
    After you've voted you'll receive a special box in your bag.
    You have a chance to get one item from this list:
    Enchants: BEWS, BEAS, EWS, EAS.
    Soul Crystal level 12: Red, Green, Blue.
    Chance title color: ColorName
    Limited Period for 3 days: AQ Ring and Zaken Earring.
    5 Atribute Crystals : Earth, Holy, Wind, Dark, Fire, Water.

    Custom NPCs:
    - Special Teleporter with all locations.
    - Special Shop with Armors, Weapons, Jewels and Consumables.
    - Special Shop with GoD Armors.
    - Special Shop with Accesories.
    - Special Shop Ugrade Soul Crystal.
    - Special Statistics (top players).
    - Special Augmenter Shop.
    - Special Clan Buffer.
    - Special Buffers.

    Protection System:
    - LameGuard System VIP GUARD (FULL) BlueNight Guard

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=11909.0