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    xLineage Freya - Hostat in Romania
    « on: November 03, 2012, 08:36:15 AM »

    LineageII Freya  Private Server :  xLineage

    SERVER LIVE FROM 2.11.2012
    Join & Enjoy !!

    WebSite : www.xLineage.Com
    E-mail : [email protected].

    Features :

    XP: x1000
    SP: x1000
    Adena: x1
    Item Drop: x1
    Spoil: x1
    Quest Item Drop: x2
    Pet XP: x10
    66% Normall Scrolls
    85% Blessed Scrolls
    100% Divine Scrolls
    Safe: +4
    Max Armor: +16
    Max Jewel: +16
    Max Weapon: +16

    General Features:

    12 Auto Events with voting system .
    .dressme command
    Buff time: 2h
    God Cloaks
    Mana Potions 500mp restore
    Shift click in mobs to see their droplist, Images included.
    Auto Loot: Enabled
    Auto Loot from Raids: Disabled
    Drop Protection: Enabled
    Spoil & Drop from blue mobs: Enabled
    Player Spawn Protection: 30 Seconds
    Max Subclasses: 3
    Max Subclass Level: 80
    Subclass Without Quest
    Nobless by little farm
    Olympiad Period is 1 Week,
    Class Master in Village & Towns
    Auto Learn Skills Include FGS
    GM Shop
    Global Gatekeeper: Unique designed Global Gatekeeper with all Towns & Areas & Gracia Areas & much more usefull areas.
    Class Maste
    Custom Community Board with PVP / PK / Castle Status
    Giran-Aden Towns.
    Vote Reward for every 5 votes
    Andromeda the Wedding Manager


    30" Spawn Protection
    PvP Special Announcements
    Cannot Trade During PvP
    Auto-Flagg Custom PvP Zone


    Full Territory Wars
    Max 3 Wards Per Clan
    Nice Siege Times


    Full Anti-Hack/PhP Protection
    Anti-Bot System
    Full GeoData
    No Stuck Skills
    Syn/Flood/DDos protection up to 12.000.000 packets / sec


    2 x Xeon 3.0Ghz Processors
    16GB RAM DDR3
    2 x 500GB HDD SATA2
    500 Mbs internet bandwidth powered by ADNet Telecom

    For More Visit our Site : http://www.xLineage.Com

    Va asteptam in numar cat mai mare .

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=10186.0

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