Author Topic: L2JHigh Five L2MMO3D Fresh Start with new host 0 lag!! Instant pvp server  (Read 1163 times)

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    If you go vote once you login , you can have :
    Full raid boss jewels set +20
    Full Moirai armor set +20 by your choice
    Start with lvl 85
    Enchant Rates
    Max Enchant
    Weapon +20
    Armor +20
    Jewels +20
    Safe Enchant +5
    Safe till +20 with enchanter npc!

    Scroll Enchant Success
    Weapon Success Rate 75%
    Armor Success Rate 75 %
    Jewel Success Rate 75 %
    Blessed 100%
    NPC Enchant 100%
    Batch Attribute System
    Crystal/Stone  100 %
    Lv 7 with one click
    Ctrl+double click Crystal to use all Crystal attributes in one second!
    Custom Buffer-2 hour buffs +30
    Buffs 36 , song/dance 16
    Custom GMSHOP
    Custom Class Manager
    Global Gk
    Wedding Manager
    Enchanter Npc
    Vote Reward Shop
    Top 25 PvP/PK Npc
    Services Npc  ex) Change Name/Change Gender/Noblesse
    Server News/Info
    Instant clan level 11 with service NPC!

    Vote Reward System

    Reward at our Website 5/5 banners
    Vote Reward .getreward (in game)
    Vote Reward Shop


    Very easy farm!
    Leveling Zone(Safe)
    Farming Zone (Safe)
    High Level Farming Zone
    3 Mass PvP Zones with Auto Flag and Random Respawn
    Raid Boss Zone (Epic Raids 1 hour Respawn)

    New hero every week on sunday's
    Max 120  match's per week
    Same IP feed protection
    Request 4 players for match start
    Oly Start's at  21:00 - 03:00  GMT+1
    Other Features
    Auto Learn Skills
    Auto Potions CP/MP/HP
    .dressme system
    PvP Rank System with PvP Rewards /pvpinfo
    Custom Ixion Armor
    Custom G.O.D Weapons
    Custom G.O.D Armor
    Custom armors only for .dressme (top is elegia armor)
    Custom 12 hour Tattoo's Available in vote reward Shop
    Spawn Protection 15s
    Daily events
    Elite Mobs
    TvT every 60 minutes
    Level 3 Subclass Skills
    Balanced Classes
    Only 5 players needed for clan lvl 11
    and much more..


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27393.0