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    New Interlude PvP Today
    « on: January 08, 2016, 05:03:02 AM »

    Welcome to the Lineage 2 iFeel: High Rate Custom PvP Server A very well built Interlude java server based on l2jserver last & much more reworked Stable economy, constantly working on achieving the highest level of balance. We plan to launch a server that alot of players asked us since years to do and now we are ready to go for it.

    L2iFeeL has been created by players for players.We are here to provide a unique gameplayer as most of us wanted to see,please take care of us!

    We are back,after a long time we are here to announce you the grand opening date 8/1/2016 18:00 GMT +2 Site will be up at the next hours.

    XP: x5000
    SP: x5000
    Party XP/SP: x2
    Adena: x10
    Drop: x1

    Safe Enchant: +8
    Blessed Scroll Enchant: Max +16 [If fail it goes back to 12]
    Normal Scroll: 75%
    Blessed Scroll: 95%
    Crystal Scroll: 100% Max +20

    Npc buffer (3h buff time) 50 Buff slots
    Class Master
     Clan Manager
     Noblesse Coin
    Max Subclasses: 3
    High Grade Life Stone Chance: 8%
    Top Grade Life Stone Chance: 18%
    1 Active and 1 Passive
    No Lag
    Balanced Classes
    Skills Working
    Sieges work retail

    Custom Vesper Not allowed Armors
    Custom Vesper Not allowed Weapons
    Custom Tattoos LVL1,LVL2,LVL3

    Custom Buffer
    Custom Shop
    Clan Manager
    Skill Enchanter
    Special Shop
    Custom Gatekeeper
    Server Info
    Donate Manager
    RaidBoss Gatekeeper
    RaidBoss Information Npc

    TvT Event: Every 1 Hour/Rewards: 5 TvT Coins/ Top killer +5

    Grand Olympiad Olympiad System: Retail Olympiad
    Olympiad start 18:00
    End 00:00

    Custom Boss: Ember
    Custom Boss: Priest Van Halter
    Custom Boss: Flame of Splendor Barakiel
    Drop Information: Farm Coins/Top LS/Book of Giants/Raid Coins/Crystal Scrolls

    Website: www.l2ifeel.com
    Forum: www.l2ifeel.com/forum

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25169.0

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