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    « on: December 17, 2015, 08:54:32 AM »


     Dear player,
     here you can see the statistics of the server. The L2Network project, will offer you a pleasant stay! We came to stay, and this project will be near you for a lot of time! We promise that, you will not disappointed about this server. We will do everything possible, for a different gameplay and not like all the other same features.

    # Server rates:
     RateXp = 8000x.
     Starting Level 40 [Full A-Grade Equip Items]

    # Enchant Info:
     Enchant Safe = +4
     Enchant Max = +16 (Normal scrolls+Blessed)
     Enchant Max Full = +20 (Crystal Scrolls)
     Enchant Max For Jewels: +14
     Enchant Max Full For Jewels: +18 (Crystal Scrolls)
     Enchant rate with Normal scrolls = 80%
     Enchant rate with Blessed scrolls = 100%
     Enchant rate with Crystal Scrolls = 100%

    # Augmented rates & Info:
     AugmentationMidSkillChance = 5
     AugmentationHighSkillChance = 10
     AugmentationTopSkillChance = 15
     Augment Skills: 1+1 [Active/Passive]

    # Olympiad Info:
     New heroes every Sunday

    # Sieges Info:
     Sieges Every Week

    # Buffs Info:
     Buffs/Dance/Songs 3 hours
     Buff slots 74

    Resists not available at the game

    # Sub & Class Change Info:
     Sub-Class without quest [All in one manager]
     Class change without quest
     Level of Sub-Class 61

    # Noblesse Info:
     You can become noble on Class Master

    # Clan skills Info:
     Learn Clan skills on the Clan Manager
     Clan Skills items on the shop

    # Shop + Npc Info:
     Gm Shop up to S-Grade
     Farm / Event / Vote Shop
     Enchant Skills Manager
     Augementer Manager
     Raid Boss Manager
     Vortex Gatekeeper
     Wedding Manager
     Clan Manager
     Class Master
     Service Manager
     Ranking Info
     Town Buffer

    # Zones Info:
     Level Up Zone
     Newbies Zone [Safe]
     Adena Zone [PvP/Pk]
     Farm Coins Zone [2 PvP/Pk]
     LS Zone [1 Peace / 1 PvP/Pk]

    # Pvp Zone Info:
     Talking Island

    # Grand Boss Info:
     All GrandBoss available [8H Respawn/Auto flag]
     Valakas x2 all the drops.
     # Drop:
     Hero coin
     RB Jewels
     Life Stones [20 Mid / 26 High / 30Top]

    # RaidBosses Info:
     6 RaidBoss available [3H Respawn]
     Sherub Galaxia
     Ketra's Chief Brakki
     Ketra's Hero Hekaton
     Ketra's Commander Tayr
     # Drop:
     1 Enchant Crystal Weapon/Armor
     Life Stones [10 Mid / 7 High / 5Top]

    # Custom Commands:
     .deposit / .withdraw
     .tvtjoin / .tvtleave
     .topzone / .network [Voting Engine]
     .buff_off - .buffoff // .buff_on - .buffon [Enable or Disable The Buff Protection]

    # Other info:
     Offline Shop
     TvT Event
     Champions System
     Banking System
     Raid boss respawn Announcement
     Pvp In a row message
     Pvp/Pk Color system
     PvP Reward system
     Anti-Bot Captcha [Find The Same Color]
     Hopzone - Topzone reward system [Afk Players Can't be rewarded]
     L2Network - Topzone engine [.l2network .topzone commands for reward]
     Killing spree [Every 7 pvp in a row]
     Customized Tattoos: Mage Tattoo / Fighter Tattoo [+15 C.spd / +15 Atk.spd]
     Customized Cloak: Cloak of Speed [+20% Speed]

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25063.0

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