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    L2Goddess.eu PVP NO CUSTOM 2017/12/01 16:00 GMT +3
    « on: October 14, 2017, 04:10:32 AM »

    Hello all dear players, we introduce and invite you to our new server Lineage2 Goddess. Server start is scheduled 2017.12.01 (Friday) 16:00 GMT+3, but we also have a good knowledge to run test server after 1 week. You can try the server and We will reward you for active testing in the grand opening. We wish you a good day and we will wait for you on our server!
    The server page is not full!

    About Augment and Skill enchant

    We have the latest AUGMENT and SKILL ENCHANT systems, You must kill the monsters and get TOP LIFE STONE or SECRET BOOK OF GIANT and you can buy 1 Buff Augment or +13 on your Skill with 100% chance our newest and most unique npc.

    About Unique Castle Siege

    We have main town Adena and the castle siege only Adena. Which clan has an Adena Castle, all clan members can use clan leader circlet LORD'S CROWN. This circlet increases mysterious stats! Castle siege is happening 1HOUR every 3DAYS.

    Rates Server: PVP

    Experience (EXP)   1000x
    Starting character lvl.   40


    Safe Enchant   3
    Max. Enchant   12
    Normal Scroll chance   80%
    Blessed Scroll chance   90%


    Competition period week   1
    Olympiad start time   18:00
    Olympiad end time   00:00
    Server Configurations

    Time   GTM +3
    Style   PVP/High rates
    Items   No Custom
    Main Town   Aden
    Interlude Retail Skills   
    Geodata and Pathnodes   
    Bot Protection   
    Off-line Shop mode   
    Champions System
    Server NPC

    Full A,S Grade GM Shop   
    Full Buff, Song, Dance & etc.   
    GK & Unique Server Zones   
    Unique mobs & drops   
    Example server npc: Beautiful, neat, comfortable and unique!


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27748.0

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