Author Topic: [L2J-Acis] Lineage 2 EliteWars Grand Reopening ! 20.02.2016 !  (Read 1435 times)

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    GRAND REOPENING !!! ---> 20.02.2016 --> 20:00 !!!

    Lineage 2 EliteWars
    Server Rates:

    - XP: 120x
    - SP: 120x
    - Drop: 1x
    - Spoil: 1x
    - Safe enchant: +4
    - Max Enchant Weapon: +25
    - Max Enchant Armoor + Jewels: +20
    - Crystal Scrolls: 90%
    - Blessed Scrolls: 80%
    - Normal Scrolls: 65%

    Server Info:

    Auto Events

    We have Nexus engine event wich offer you amazing automate events.
    Team vs Team , DeathMatch , Last Man Standing , Capture the Flag , Auto Korean Style
    And much more...

    GM Shop , Buffer , Augmenter , Vote Rewarder , Hitman Manger , Account Manager , Warehouse, Class Changer , Rank List, Symbol Manager
    Weeding Manager , Donate Shop , Clan Hall Auction , Siege Manager , Skill Enchanter


    It starts from 18:00 and ends at 00:00.
    Needs 5 participants for non-classed rank for matches to begin.
    It has ip protection and pre-skill protection.
    Every Sunday, there will be a new olympiad period.

    PvP Zone

    We have 3 pvp zones wich are switched by players vote.
    Every few hours, there will be a new vote session where you can choose the pvp area for the next hours.
    There are spawned auto on every 10 minutes some monsters wich have a chance to drop Top Lifestone and Donate Coins.
    Buffs don't leave and you have auto flag inside this area.
    Auto respawn inside the zone and healer class restriction.


    The sieges are lasting for 90 minutes.
    There will be sieges every 2 weeks.
    All castles are available to be conquered.

    Vote System

    We got a global rewarder wich will reward every 3 votes, all the online players.
    It have ip protection and offline shop protection.
    The individual voter, will give you a Vote Buff if you successfully vote for us in Topzone and Hopzone sites.
    The Vote buff gives 250 mdef, 250 pdef and 15 run speed for 12 hours.
    Even if you change the char, the buff will remain active for your ip.

    *There is a 30s spawn protection.
    *Game coins: Vote coins, Adena.
    *Weapon from D-Grade grade to S grade.
    *Armor from D-Grade grade to S grade.
    *NPC Buffer duration 2 hours ( 45 buffs/ 24 songs & dances).
    *Zona PVP/FARM
    *Commands: .reg | .unreg | .report | .menu | .online | .votepanel | .viewinventory
    *L2Phx,L2Walker, Anti DDos protection.
    *You have special areas where you can farm Adena!!!


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25441.0