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    L2Nostrun High Five X 10 Grand Opening 15/05/2017
    « on: May 11, 2017, 05:26:27 PM »

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    XP : x10
    SP : x10
    Adena : x10
    Drop : x7
    Spoil: x7
    Safe enchant +4.
    Max enchant +16.
    Simple scrolls – 54%.
    Blessed scrolls – 60%


    Champion System
    Community Board ALT+B
    Vote Reward system
    Buffs: 24 slots
    Songs/Dances: 12 slots
    Buffs Duration: 2H
    AutoLearnForgottens: Yes
    AutoLearnSkills: Yes
    Autoloot: Yes
    NPC Buffer: Yes
    PC Bang Shop
    Olympiad: heros 15 days (The olys start 1 and 15)
    Seven Signs Retail
    Sieges Retail
    Lucky pig
    Cursed available
    PCpoints: Yes
    Vitality event
    Auto-events every 1 hours
    NPC events PvP
    Quest subclass needed: No
    VIP account
    SHIFT+click (info mobs)
    Full geodata
    Anti-DDOS BY OVH
    No custom
    Retail Experience
    Ítem Bróker disabled.


    Feed point in olympiad Will be penalized with a discount. 5 players for start olympiad, 15 fights is needed to be hero and change point for Olympiad Token.
    Max enchant on olympiad even if your items are enchanted over +6, in olympiad they counted as +6!.


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