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    Lineage 2 Reality GO H5 5x 06/05/2017
    « on: June 05, 2017, 12:23:17 PM »

    On 5 of June L2 Reality will open doors to the public!

    What is L2 Reality? a MODERN LOW RATE!
    Exactly, something different from every server is opening in the last years!
    Let's be more specific, server will be retail like but there will be a few addons from new servers we usally see!
    Rates will follow this specific setting:

    Exp: 5x
    SP: 5x
    Drop: 5x
    Spoil: 5x
    Quest Rate: 2x
    Quest Reward: 1x
    Let's clarify few things, Reality is a Modern Low Rate so here we go with few Customs to improve server's life!
    Inventory Slots slightly Increased
    Inventory Weight slightly Increased
    Newbie Buffs Helper (common buff's as improved for help out solo player's) NO DANCE/SONG, COV ECC.
    Automatic's Events (Korean-TVT-Treasure Chest)
    NPC Class Changer
    NO Quest For SubClass
    Offline Buffer Mode
    ALL Big Bosses Improved to lv.85 and surrounded by pvp zone (let's improve the fun and the wars)
    Seven Signs registration is not required to enter in catacombs
    Hellbound start from lv.11
    Box has been limited to 3 for HWID!
    Blacksmith Of Mammon & Merchant of Mammon will be always available!
    Sieges & Territory Wars will start every week for increase your fun!
    SS/BSS lag has been removed!
    Path Node (geodata) has been customized for improve the gameplay experience!
    Sub Class can reach lv.85!
    Raid Boss Spawn Global Annunce! (don't work for instance boss or "wake up" kind of boss like baium/antharas/baium)
    /unstuck is a lot more faster!

    Last important Information you need to know is that the server has NO DONATION!
    That's right, Reality don't need money for survive!
    Is a project thought to build a community and make the community happy, the project don't require player's money in order to survive!

    What Files Reality will use?
    Reality is an Hybrid server's we use L2Off extender but in the same time we had to do some fixes to improve server life (as the one's explained upthere)
    We strongly believe perfection does not exist but for sure we can offer a very good server

    Why we should join Reality?
    Main goal for this project is to build a community, building a safe place where people can enjoy they free time is the main reason why this project is born in the first place!


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27466.0

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