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Welcome to PlayINERA

What can we offer you?

Interesting facts about PlayINERA:

We've developed a brand new event engine from scratch called PIE, with 10-15 new events no one has.

We've developed a progressive system from scratch called the blood engine to balance the game's flow.

We've added a PVP penalty of currency exchange subsequently giving purpose to the player vs player.

Hardcoded the retail beauty engine into the Epilogue client, hundreds of diff aesthetics available to you

Hardcoded a unique on-screen retail damage UI into Epilogue from scratch to better help you track dmg.

Incorporated the L2-Store into action, simplifying the buy process and developed a Play to Win system.

Latest anti-bot software from L2-Scripts with additional algorithms by our own developers. Statistical traces.

Integrated a hall of fame with a museum for various different milestones for all classes and races. Rewards!

Integrated a brand new ranking system that tracks every imaginable statistic for your character, clan, or ally.

Created a new community board from scratch, focusing on functionality and ease of use. No superfluous feats.

We've put our files through rigorous testing for over 2 years. We're likely the only stable L2J Epilogue source.

We focus on keeping the integrity of the chronicle, no custom cloaks, items, or weapons. No olf' shirt. Retail.

The server is NOT easy; it will take you time to do well, to accomplish your goals. It is hard and will test you.

We've made it really fun, all the feedback has been very positive, so definitely check it out if you're curious.

NEW EVENT #1: Bomberman

New Event #2: Mario Kart

New Event #3: Chess

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27705.0

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