Author Topic: U like old Pride server?! Come and see this: L2 V-E-S-T-A  (Read 2178 times)

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    U like old Pride server?! Come and see this: L2 V-E-S-T-A
    « on: September 11, 2015, 09:21:19 AM »

    Welcome, as the live server will be opening soon, I would like to remind the players of somethings to help you experience the best possible gameplay.

    Make sure to run your updater and press full check, now prior to the launch so you will be able to connect without issue, if you cannot use the updater or prefer not to there is a link to the full patch under the how to connect section of the forums. Once in game if you do happen to need GM assistance, submit a petition or if those are closed, come to the forums and send any of the staff a message. Your messages will be read within maximum 2hrs guaranteed. All of the staff is very active in one way or another and we are here to help you, however we will not respond to in game shouts like "GM COME HERE". Please enjoy your stay and as always we are working to balance classes perfectly and other aspects of the game, however don't be afraid to try before you say it's too hard.


    Every character starts with one Spam is not allowed's candle, an AIO - All In One item that provides instant access to many essential services from teleportation and augmentation to class upgrading and character stats. Listed below are all of the features currently available through the Spam is not allowed's candle, the list will grow as you the players suggest services that you wish to have at your fingertips.

        Character Stats (In a very easy to understand format, it contains more stats about your character than available on any other server.)
        Dye Addition and Removal
        Class Upgrading
        Server Information


     * Community Board *



    Here on Spam is not allowed the community board not only serves to keep you updated on upcoming features and events, but it also provides access to the server leaderboard, custom kill stats about your own character and a region that shows online players and some information about them. The Top PvP leaderboard is fairly simple, it shows the currently top ranked 20 players based on PvP's but it also shows their online status, pk count, base class, level, clan, ally, fame and pvp count.


    * Player Options *


    Want to hide your hair accessory? Hide your face accessory? Hide both? With the player command ".disAcc" you can toggle through these settings allowing even further customization of your characters visual appearance. Additionally players can change their secret codes through the built-in code changer at the character selection screen. Your 6-8 digit secret code must be entered and then you can change your secret code without ever needed GM assistance. You only need to create and remember one secret code per account, be careful not to share this with anyone. If you wish to change your game login password, when you enter game you can type ".changepassword" and a popup will guide you through the necessary steps to change your password.

    * Castle Sieges *



    We believe castles should be worth spending time organizing your clan and sieging them, not only do we realize the enormous responsibility and work it takes to have everyone log to be ready. Therefore castles come with special features in addition to the typical reasons to acquire a castle, one of them is a custom raid announcement system. If you are a member of a clan that owns a castle and a raid spawns in your castles region, you will be notified shortly after the raid spawns. In addition to this announcement system, clan leaders will receive a personal announcement instantly if anyone attempts to begin attacking a raid boss within their castles region. Currently Aden and Rune are available to be sieged, more castles will be added as the population grows.

    * Olympiad & Heroes *



    Olympiad is a battleground where players can test their skills and abilities versus other players in a balanced arena, the olympiad system runs on a 2 week basis and to promote accessibility to all players regardless of time zone, the opening of each day of olympiad matches alternates hours. Becoming a hero is also a worthwhile cause, similar to owning a castle if you are a hero you will receive a message whenever any raid spawns regardless of zone. However, the announcement is delayed to about one hour after the raid spawns to preserve the traditional raid hunting aspect of Lineage. In addition to helpful announcements, heros are also privy to custom skills based on their race, each having a debuff that is powerful and very useful in all situations.

    * Custom Items *



    Always striving to provide you with options to customize your character means that there is no shortage of custom weapons, armors, jewels, cloaks and more. There are five tiers of armors and weapons, three tiers of cloaks, four tiers of jewels, three tiers of accessories and much more including bracelets, custom shirts and belts. Each item is designed to not only provide a general boost in stats but also to modify or enhance your characters playstyle. For example upgrading your polearm from the Emerald Tier to the Avenger Tier increases your attack stats but also increases your AOE angle and AOE range, meaning that you can hit more people in mass PvP or focus on increases other stats to truly make your Dreadnought a versatile killing machine. Custom stats are present on all items and available for all classes.


    * Item Enchanting *



    Items on Spam is not allowed have a set enchant rate for each item, unlike other servers where enchanting is a painful process resulting in crystals the majority of the time, items will only break on Spam is not allowed if you use Normal Enchant Scrolls. Other scrolls have penalties however, the penalties either result in de-enchantment or your item being reset to +0. All enchant rates and information is presented in an easy to read system message as soon as you put the item in the enchant window. Additionally a Spam is not allowed Custom feature regarding enchanting is, when enchanting typically if you have the item equipped and the enchant fails, the item is de-equipped and in a large inventory it can take some time to find again. Here your weapon will automatically be re-equipped if you had it equipped when you enchanted. Below are the scrolls and their penalties.

        Normal Scrolls : Can enchant to +16, safe is +3, if item breaks it will be crystallized.
        Blessed Scrolls : Can enchant to +16, safe is +3, if item breaks its enchant level will be set to +0.
        Ancient Scrolls : Can enchant to +16, safe is +3, in addition to having 10% higher enchant rate than blessed and normal scrolls, the item on failure will be reset proportionally to the enchant it was before it failed. For example if your weapon is above +10 when it fails it will be reset to +10.
        Divine Scrolls : Can enchant to +16, safe is +3, in addition to having 20% higher enchant rate than ancient scrolls, the item on failure will only be de-enchanted by one enchant.
        Epic Scrolls : Can enchant to +20, safe is +3, the enchant rate is 100% no matter what, there is no failure.

    * Killing Spree System *


    Killing sprees are a way to be rewarded for demonstrating superior PvP capabilities, obtaining 30 consecutive kills without dying is not an easy task. Especially if you are being hunted by other players. If you manage to reach this requirement you will be rewarded with temporary hero skills, however if you die the temporary hero effects end immediately. Additionally even if you do not die the temporary effects will wear off after a set period of time. Below are some of the examples of messages the server will announce about you when you reach different levels of consecutive kills.

    * Farming Zones *


    Farming is arguably one of the most important aspects of Lineage, not only is it a major part of how you obtain your items but it is also where a majority of your game time is spent. Therefore it needs to be appealing visually and variable to prevent boredom and lack of interest in farming. Currently, three farm zones accomplish this, before you enter any farm zone when you create your character you will be spawned in your races' respective training halls. In this location gremlins which are easy to kill, will drop beginner coins, these coins are required in order to purchase the first items of your gameplay on Spam is not allowed. Typically you will need to collect 30-50 to buy an armor set, jewel set, and weapon. After acquiring these items you can teleport to ivory tower and enter the first farm zone. Mobs are generally soloable but there are few stronger mobs that might be easier to farm with some help. Ivory tower is the primary location for obtaining materials required to manufacture the second tier of items. Cave of Trials is the next farming zone that contains mobs that drop materials for tiers 3 and once deeper inside some materials for tier 4. Forgotten Temple is the last farming zone that contains mobs dropping hard to find materials for tier 4. Raids scattered throughout the L2World will be the only mobs dropping materials for the last and final tier, tier 5.

    * Raid Bosses *


    Raid bosses on Spam is not allowed are customized to provide an interesting alternative to farming, drops from raids are important when attempting to reach the higher tiers of items. Numerous raids have been altered in their attack and defense stats as well as their skills to challenge players ability to coordinate attacks on the raid while defending themselves from other clans or players who wish to raid also. In addition to the typical raids on every server, the Epic Bosses such as Antharas, Lindvior, and Valakas are available to be raided without the quest. However, these raids should not be attempted by those who are not fully prepared, they are very dangerous and tricky.


    * Mob Drop Info & Stats *


    Part of the upgrade to High Five incorporates a new way to view mob stats and drop info. A more interactive design that is easy to understand and can be quickly read to determine rates of specific materials or items. In addition detailed mob stats are displayed including HP, respawn times and general stats. All drop rates are 100% accurate, there is no hidden drop rate or additional variables affecting drop chances.

    * Donation NPC *


    The donation NPC is a fully automated NPC that provides in-game services to those who wish to support the server via donating. Most items, skills and services available here are also available to all players in-game. The donation NPC can be reached via teleportation using the Spam is not allowed Candle, and is available to any player. Donations are processed using PayPal and once confirmed are entered into the donation system for retrieval. More information on how to use the donation NPC and how to donate can be found in the donate section of the forums.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24404.0
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