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L2Devianne Interlude x70 {Public Beta in progress.}
« on: March 07, 2013, 05:07:05 PM »

L2Devianne Team presents new interlude server x70.

For nearly two years we have gathered the necessary information about the preferences players what the optimal settings for the game server We worked well and create good Games and Geodata files Now we would like to invite you to play on New Server, which will start soon Any information about your settings will be available on our website and our forum.

The server is still in development and the features listed here are by no means final and this list will be updated frequently.


Platform - C6 (Acis)
Location - USA.
CPU - E3 1245 4 cores @ 3.4Ghz
RAM - 32GB ECC 3
Hard Drive - 2x 128GB Intel 330 SSD (Solid State Drive) Completely eliminates the IO bottleneck so many OFF servers have issues with. Overall performance will be faster and there will never be any type of item lag.
Connection - Dedicated 100mb burstable to 1gbit/sec

Exp: 70x.
Sp: 70x.
Party Xp: 2x.
Adena: 150x.
Drop: 10x.
Spoil: 15x.
Quest: 5x.
Epic Drops: 1x.
Normal Raids: 5x.

1rst Class - Buyable for Adena
2nd Class - Buyable for Adena
3rd Class - Buyable for Adena
Noble - Questable/Buyable
Sub-Class - Free.

All epic boss have respawn retail, I think we're going to change, but for this we will put a poll in the forum to see what people say.

Olympiad system is fully working like L2OFF.
All features of olympiads are working.
Start: 18:00 (GMT -4:30).
Time: 2 Weeks.
Min players: 4 (Non-Classed).
Min players: 4 (Classed).

Enchant System:
Safe: +4.
Enchante Max: +16.
Enchante Rate: 50% Normal.
Enchante Rate: 75% Blessed.

Some Features:
96% Working C4/C5/C6 Skills.
Fully Working C4/C5/C6 Zones.
Buffs Time - 1h.
NPC Buffer normal.
Max buff 26 (+4).
No Resist & Pet buff.
Anti-buff toggle skill.
Debuff Bar working.
Clan Wars & Reputations.
Sieges & Clan Halls.
Autolearn Skills.
Active Staff.
Full Regular & Epic Boss.
Spawn protect: 60 sec.
Decent geodata.
No Custom Items.
GM Shop up to S-Grades
Global Gatekeeper
Npc Buffer without resist buffs.
Mana potions.
Vote Reward : 1 Vote Coin. Every 5 votes
Optimized Olympiad System.
Special Event Rewarding.
Offline Shop.
Increased slots WH/shops/manufactures.
When a char is started will be received with 100k adena.
Zone Store.
No Wipes.
Fair donations, enchants, jewells boss or unlike other servers
Classic Game Play.
Support Service 24/7.
Regular updates.
Old Retail Times Combined With Fresh New Engine.
Unique Event & Rewards.
Main City: Giran Castle Town.
Daily Raids.
And Much More In Game.

We create some features to avoid the feed of points in Olympiads and to avoid advertising from other servers.

1.- if a player is under lvl 20 cannot use Shout, Trade && Private Store.
2.- If a player are in ObserveMode can not speak.
3.- If a player is participating can not speak for chat, The member need to use the forum if you have any issues.
4.- When both are participating player will have the name "Annonymous" and title "Player"
.- Why do this? When both player are in combat not going to know if they are friends or not, this will prevent the feed.
5.- When the player are participating the clan crest and ally, not going to see until they leave oly.

We hope u like it :)
Visit us and enjoy a unique experience!

Link : http://l2devianne.com/
Forum: http://forum.l2devianne.com/
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/L2Devianne/
Date for the beta mode: 09/03/2013

Read the forum for more info ...

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=12564.0