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    Web de la comunidad: http://www.bloodsky.eu
    Web l2Bloodsky HIGH FIVE: http://www.bloodsky.eu/l2
    Apertura oficial: 12 NOVIEMBRE
    2 Servidores: BARTZ x7 , SIEGARTH x20

    Despues de varios meses de desarrollo y pruebas privadas, l2Bloodsky finalmente esta listo, uno de los servidores privados mas nuevos y unicos de l2. No l2j.  UNETE
    Tenemos un equipo profesional con varios años de experiencia en el desarrollo de aplicaciones java, desarrollamos nuestras propias modificaciones.
    Servidor dedicado para mas de 1000 players:

    Technical Specifications:

        Processor Model: Intel Xeon i7 W3520 4x2(HT)x2.66+ GHz
        RAM Count: 24 GB DDR3
        Hard Drives: Intel SSD 320 2x 120 GB
        DDOS Firewall: Physically & Hardcoded
        Internet Connection: 1 Gbps
        Data Throughput: Unlimited

    - Lineage 2 High Five

    -Game Rates BARTZ:

    Party xp/sp:x1.5
    Raid Boss Drop:x3 (Boss Jewelry x1)
    Manor: x2
    Hb trust: x3 (.hellbound command)
    Tw badges: x2
    -Quest Rates BARTZ:
    Quest Drop:x3
    Quest Reward:x3
    Quest Reward Recipe: x1
    Xp/Sp/Adena Reward:x7

    -Game Rates SIEGARTH:

    Party xp/sp:x1.5
    Raid Boss Drop:x5 (Boss Jewelry x1)
    Manor: x5
    Hb trust: x10 (.hellbound command)
    Tw badges: x5
    -Quest Rates SIEGARTH:
    Quest Drop:x5
    Quest Reward:x5
    Quest Reward Recipe: x1
    Xp/Sp/Adena Reward:x12
    NPC Buffer All buffs PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SS,Cats (3 hours)
    GM Shop Up to Top A Weapons, Armors, Jewels. Shots, Consumables & more...
    Weekly Heroes
    Custom Events
    Npc Event Rewards

    -Game Features BARTZ AND SIEGARTH:
    - Vitality System  available.
    - Geodata  available.
    - Offline Trade/Craft  available.
    - Vote Reward  available.
    - Antibot System  available.
    - Heroes and Olympiad
    - Castle & Fortress Sieges  available.
    - Castle & Fortress Dungeons available.
    - Siegable Clanhalls available.
    - Territory wars available.
    - Dark Cloud Mansion available.
    - Crystal Caverns available.

    - Pailaka - Devil's Legacy available.
    - Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire available.
    - Pailaka - Injured Dragon available.

    Kamalokas & Rim Kamalokas are available.
    Nornils Garden are available.

    Epic Bosses:
    - Freya Instance are available.
    - Zaken 83 Instance are available.
    - Antharas are available.
    - Valakas are available.
    - Frintezza Instance are available.
    - Baium   available.
    - Queen Ant  available.
    - Core  available.
    - Orfen  available.
    - Baylor   available.
    - Beleth   available.

    Seven Signs Epic Quests:
    Series of Doubt available.
    Dying Message available.
    Contract of Mammon  available.
    Secret Ritual of the Priests available.
    Spam is not allowed of the Emperor available.
    Sacred Book of Spam is not allowed available.
    Embryo available.
    Girl of Doubt working
    Forbidden Book of the Elmore-Aden Kingdom not available
    To the Monastery of Silence not available
    Solina's Tomb not available
    One Who Seeks the Power of the Spam is not allowed not available

    Primeval Area:

    Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe  (Rec Dynasty Robe) available.
    A Powerful Primeval Creature  (Rec Dynasty weapons) available.
    RB Sailren  available.

    Isle of Prayer:

    Seed of Evil (Rec Dynasty Armors)

    Hellbound Area:

    Steel Citadel are available.
    Tully Workshop are available.
    Tower of Naia are available.
    Tower of Infinitum are available.
    Premium Caravan Certificate (Rec Dynasty weapons, armor and jewelry) available.
    Jude's Request (Rec Dynasty weapons, armor and jewelry) available.

    Gracia Area:
    How to Oppose Evil (Rec Icarus weapons. Vesper weapons) available.
    Seed of Destruccion: available.
    Seed of Anihilation:  Hall of sufering (RB Tiat) available.Hall of erosion(RB Ekimus) working
    "Not Strong Enough Alone(Rec Vesper weapons.) available.
    "Completely Lost"  (Rec Vesper armor and jewelry) available.
    Seed of Infinity:  available.

    Gracia Epilogue Area:

    -  Mithrill Mines:
    Take Advantage of the Crisis (Rec Dynasty Light) available.
    -  Den of Evil:
    Expulsion of Evil Spirits (Rec  Dynasty Light y Heavy) available.
    -  Giants Cave:
    Exploration of Giants Cave (Rec Dynasty Weapons) available.
    - Crypts of Disgrace:
    Ghos of Batur ( Rec Dynasty Weapons) available.
    - Chamber of Delusion are available.
    -  Fields of Whispers and Silence:
    Reed Field Maintenance (Dynasty Jewelry and Sigil. Moirai robes and jewelry.) available.
    For a Good Cause (Dynasty Jewelry and Sigil. Moirai robes and jewelry.) available.
    - Stakato Nest:
    Only What Remains (Rec Icarus weapons.) available.
    What Is This Item? (Rec Icarus weapons.) available.

    Freya Area:

    Monastery of Silence:
    Fade to Black (Rec Moirai armor and jewelry.) available.
    The One Who Ends Silence (Rec Icarus weapons.) available.
    Plains of the Lizardmen:
    Figuring It Out (Rec Moirai light armor and jewelry.) available.
    Sel Mahum Training Grounds:
    No More Soup For You (Rec Moirai heavy armor and jewelry.) available.
    Beast Farm:
    Perfect Form (Rec Icarus weapons.) available.
    Delicious Top Choice Meat (Rec Icarus weapons.) available.
    Plains of the Lizardmen:
    Figuring It Out (Rec Arco Icarus,Moirai light armor and jewelry.) available.
    Sel Mahum Training Grounds:
    No More Soup For You (Rec Icarus weapons.) available.

    Hi5 Area:
    Revamped Dragon Valleyavailable.
    Revamped Antharas Lairsavailable.
    Legendary Tales  available. (s84 weapons)
    Wings of Sand  Working
    New Raid Bosses:
    - Emerald Horn available.
    - Bleeding Fly available.
    - Blackdagger Wing available.
    - Shadow Summoner available.
    - Spike Slasher available.
    - Muscle Bomber available.
    - Dust Rider available.

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      tiene q estar rebueno este server, yo y mis colegas de AwakenTortas esperamos impacientes


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        First day 200 on in ours servers  JoIN uS ;D
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