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    Proximamente nuevo server High Five L2dc! Rates x7
    « on: January 21, 2013, 05:25:33 PM »
    Me complace presentar les L2Atma!

    Un servidor Retail, con muy buenas perspectivas de Futuro! Utilizando y funcionando con datapack L2dc, nos permite que funcione prácticamente todo al 100%

    Aquí os dejo las características y la web para que podáis echar un vistazo! 

    El Día 1 de Febrero abre la Beta, para poder probarlo antes de su Apertura!

    Pagina web : www.l2atma.eu

    High Five Chronicle
    Xp: x7
    sp: x7
    Drop: x7
    Adena: x7
    SpParty and XpParty: 1,5
    Dualbox Limitado a 2 cuentas por PC! , no por ip.
    1er Cambio y 2n Cambio de Clase , 3er Cambio por quest.
    Skills automaticas.
    Auto loot
    Geodata Stazis!
    Respawn protection 10 seg
    Subclase Automaticas.
    Danzas y Cantos Retail 2min.
    Buffs: Retail.
    Quest noble High Five system.

    Full High Five implemented
    Fully working High Five Geodata
    Hellbound level system
    Crystal Caverns
    Dark Cloud Mansion
    Nornils Garden
    Frintezza instance
    Zaken daydream instance
    Olympiad High five system
    All Kamalokas
    All Pailakas
    Chamber of Delusion
    Handy Blocker Checker Event
    Kratei Cube
    Stakato nest including all AI’s
    Secret Area instance
    Beast farm
    Monastery of Silence
    Plains of Lizardmen
    Seed of Annahilation
    Seed of Destruction
    10 Seven Sign quests
    All Transformations
    Photo Npcs in Fantasy Isle
    Subclass system
    Noblesse system
    Hero System
    Recommendation System
    Vitality System
    Nevits Blessing system
    Augmentation system
    Drop System
    Pet(includig Baby/improved pets) system
    Summon system
    Mob stats
    Dagger blow land rates
    Door system
    Retail like spawn system in many areas(still many left but it’s wrok in progress)
    Lair of Antharas updated to High Five including all AI’s
    Dragon Valley updated High Five including all AI’s
    Retail Events like Priest of Blessing, Trick Transmution, Master of blessing, Saving Santa, The Valentine, Rabbits to Riches, Fifth Anniversary, Gift of Vitality, Heavy Medal, New Era, Zakens Curse and many more

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=11643.0
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