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Reapertura [H5 x10] Lineage II Middle Earth
« on: December 08, 2012, 08:25:54 AM »
Reapertura [H5 x10] Lineage II Middle Earth
Se ha decidido reabrir el servidor, así que os estamos esperando.

Los Rates del Server son:

+ XP/SP: x10
+ XP/SP Party: x1.5
+ Drop: x10
+ Drop Adena: x7
+ Drop Spoil: x7
+ Drop Raid: x5
+ Drop Manor: x5
+ Drop Extract fish: x5
+ Quest XP/SP: x10
+ Quest Adena: x7
+ Quest Drop: x10
+ Enchant Safe Max: +5
+ Enchant Safe Max Full: +6
+ Enchant: 66,66%
+ Auto pickup except Raids
+ Buff Slots: 24, 12, 12
+ Duration of Buffs, Dances, Chants, Improved's, Party buffs: 1 Hour
+ Class changes for adena at reach the necessary level or Quest. Third class, adena and ancient adena
+ Subclass change in any Village Master
+ Automatic learning skills
+ Vitality System implemented
+ Offline Trade/Craft: Implemented for 10 days
+ Instances: Pailaka, Kamaloka, Crystal Cavern, Dark Cloud Mansion
+ Instances: Seed of Infinity, Seed of Destruction, Seed of Annihilation, Nornil's Garden
+ Instances of fortresses working
+ Hellbound Working: Access with Path to Hellbound Quest
+ GrandBosses of High Five
+ Command to change password of your account enabled, writing .changepassword
+ Command to block XP/SP enabled, writing .expon or .expoff. You decide when to raise your level and when not
+ command /unstuck 120 seconds
+ Gift of Vitality Event. Enabled
+ Heavy Medal Event. Enabled
+ Master Of Enchanting Event. Enabled
+ Freya Celebration Event. Enabled
+ Team vs. Team (TVT) Event. Enabled.
+ Team vs. Team Round (TVT Round) Event. Enabled
+ Olympiads. Minimum 7 participants
+ Capture the Flag (CTF) Event. Enabled
+ PC-Cafe points (PC Bang points) Event. Enabled
+ Arena Leader Board Event. Enabled
+ Team vs. Team TvT Leader Board. Enabled
+ Fisherman Leader Board. Enabled
+ Craft Leader Board. Enabled
+ Global Chat. Enabled
+ Global Trade Chat. Enabled
+ HP/MP/CP Multiplier x2
+ Recipes Dwarf and Common limit: 150
+ Capacity of overweight x2
+ Inventory Slots: 160 all players, dwarves 200 and Warehouse slots: 200 all players, dwarves 240
+ Inventory and Warehouse for players and clans sorted
+ VoteReward. Implemented
+ Champions from level 20 to level 85 and Superchampions from level 40 to level 85. Reward and HP resist x8 y x10 respectively
+ Shift+Click. Enabled
+ Alt+Click. Enabled
+ DualBox: 10 players per public IP at same time.
+ BlueSpoil. Enabled
+ Treasure Chests. Implemented
+ Accesories and Various in NPC Roy the Cat
+ Giran Luxury up to A Grade
+ Password Account Recovery. Available
+ Geodata. Enabled

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=10833.0

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