Author Topic: [Suggestion] Could you add a pingback system and a ip check system?  (Read 1675 times)

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The pingback system is to make sure a user has been voted.

The user votes at http://l2topzone.com/vote.php?id=ID&user=USER (example) and once the l2topzone server processed the vote calls our server http://ourserver.com/postback.php?=USER (example) and we need to check that vote and give the reward. The postback url should be something to add in our server profile at http://l2topzone.com/myhome.html.

An example for us could be:

Code: [Select]
// A simple example postback script

$authorized ""// L2TopZone IP (is not the real one)

if($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] != $authorized) {
// Incorrect IP

// This variable is what you send to our server (postback?=USER)
$user mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['postback']);

$link mysqli_connect("localhost""user""password""db")
    or die(
"Connect error: " mysqli_error($link));;

// Give the reward to the user
mysqli_query("UPDATE rewards SET reward = reward + 100 WHERE userid = $user")
    or die(
"Query error: " mysqli_error($link));



Another thing is the ip check. Our server calls an url like http://l2topzone.com/check.php?id=ID&ip=IP (example) and could show TRUE or FALSE if that IP voted today.

If I could decide what implement first, I would like to have the ip check first. That way I could know if an IP voted or not.

I hope you like this and implement it on l2topzone soon.

Best regards.

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/suggestions/19/suggestion-add-pingback-system-ip-check-system/19094/
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