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Lineage2 Idle Vote! High Five 12

  • Date added: 2017-04-22 09:35:34
  • Owner: RsIdle2020
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Language: English
  • Geolocation: United Arab Emirates
  • Platform / Type: L2J Normal
Server rates
  • EXP: 1
  • SP: 1
  • DROP: 1
  • ADENA: 1
  • Safe enchant: 3
  • Max enchant: 16
Good to know
  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom zone:
  • Custom weapon:
  • Custom armor:
  • Offline shop:
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The original botting community is back EXPSP Rates are retail x1 DropSpoilQuestAdena rates are retail x1Gameplay Each new character gets NG gear Preinstalled shortcut panel for each new character Players have a x50 weight limit with 250 inventory slots Private buysell shops have 12 slots Subclasses can be leveled up to 85 Community buffs will last for 8 hours Unlimited boxes per IP Karma is increased for player killing and Karma will be harder to cleanse Menu with mass functions for convenience in bot farming Use bot to open Autoloot is disabled by default Use cfgmenu to turn on if needed Spirit of Idle can be received in Oly Raid Bosses Voting Events and little chance from highlevel Chests The resale value of items to NPC shops is 10 of retail stats Gear up to Dynasty can be purchased with adena Shots up to B grade and consumables can be purchased from Community Store Added Billionaire Shop to eliminate the accumulation of tons of useless adena The items in the Billionaire Shop are almost the same items as in the Pwnz or Spirit Shops Use trading with players in the game now it is useful to remember this Offline shops are possible simply setup shop and exit game The Auctioneer will have Vesper Armors and Vesper Weapons Retail P Def M Def for Raid Bosses but P Atk boosted x3 Also P Def M Def will have same stats for each rb M Def P Def There are no restrictions on the drop from the Raid Boss with a difference of 5 levels After 5 levels the chance decreases Magic cancel skills removed from all mobs and RBs Hellbound is level 11 Custom NPC with teleports Blacksmith of Mammon and Merchant of Mammon are in Giran Dimensional Merchant features unlocked Now you can use Neolithics to upgrade armors beginning with low S up to Vesper for masterwork Blood Oath and Blood Alliance tradeable Only HPMP and Vit herbs drop from mobs Low S Vesper Armor Sets can be equipped by cloak now New custom Epic Bosses new custom Armor Sets new custom Epic Jewelry Full list of chat commands in the Community BoardPremium EXPSPAdenaDropSpoil 50 10 craft 3 MW craft 5 enchant Premium players get enchanted buffs Prophecy of Water Prophecy of Wind Prophecy of Fire Chant of Victory Victories of Paagrio Blazing Skin Invigor Holy Resistance Unholy Resistance Resist Shock Resist Fire Resist Aqua Resist Earth Resist Wind Resist Poison Buff time 10 hours Can be purchased with Idle Token onlyEnchanting 65 success rate for gear enchantment safe enchant 3 max weapon enchant 16 max armorjewelry enchant 12 50 Element Stones 30 Element CrystalsSkills Skills are auto learned Forgotten Skills need their proper books to learn Max buff slots is 26 dancesong 12 triggered 6 Subclasses can also learn subskills at lvl 80 only with the community functionQuests Class quest is not required 1st 2nd class change is free adena will be required for the 3rd class Subclass quest is not required Freya quest is not required Hard Freya request completed Reunion With Sirra quest Hellbound entry quest is not required DontKnowDontCare quest 3rb RBs respawn time 24 hoursOlympiad Olympiad one month Players have 12 hours to claim Olympiad Tokens 6 boxes for start Olympiad 10 boxes from one IP Winning a match also rewards a Spirit of Idle There is no enchant limit use what you earn Sub certificate skills also are active in matches Olympiad jewelry has a 30 days time limit 7 exclusive cloaks only for Olympiad TokensEvents Event Gift of Vitality every weekend Team vs Team Treasure Hunt and Last Hero will occur every day 2 boxes per IP 20 players maximum Bonus events may occur seldomly at random with ample notice Super Lucky Pig event RB spawns every 18 hours Read the onscreen clues and find themDrop from RB Lucky Pig Cloak Earring of Pig Beas Bews Spirit of Idle Golden Treasure Chest Blessed Olfs Scroll Hats Neolithics Earring of Pig stats Resistance to Stun 20 P Atk 6 M Atk 6 Speed 7 Zombie Apocalypse event in townsDrop from Event mobs Cloak of Zombie Zombie Hat Ring of Zombie Spirit of Idle AS Cry Gem Packs with AS shots Element Stones Element Crystals BS Enchant Scrolls Olfs Enchant Scrolls Vesper Noble Stones Ring of Zombie stats Increase Accuracy P Def 6 M Def 6 Speed 7Clans Clan Leader transfers are instant Increased academy clan reputation rewards Leaving a clan gives no penalty to join another Reduced Clan Member requirements for leveling clan Increased top Raid Point rewards Clan members with clan warehouse rights can withdraw items Be Careful Clan LeadersRaid BossEpic BossInstance Features Teleport to all RBs from alt B option Epic RBs excluded Respawn Countdown timer for all RBs from alt B option Freya 1127 chars to enter Frintezza 1145 chars to enter Nightly Zaken 1118 chars to enter Day and Nighttime restrictions to enter all Zaken instances removed PVP zones at AQ Baium Antharas Valakas Core Orfen Level Limited zones at AQ for levels 145 Orfen for levels 156 Core for levels 156 Drop from Core Orfen replaced to Dark Crystal Tallum armor parts A weapons Ring of Core stats Resistance to Poison 20 Poison attack rate 20 P Def 3 M Def 3 and increase accuracy Earring of Orfen stats Resistance to Bleed 20 Chance of Bleed attack 20 P Atk 3 M Atk 3 and increase healing effects Custom Epic Boss Zones with custom Epic Bosses are PvP zones Teleport to Bosses from CB teleports bosses Teleport to Bosses from custom NPC teleporter bosses RB Ancient Evil drops Ancient Armor Set stats as for Vorpal unique accessory and cloak Ring of Ancient Evil stats Resistance to Paralysis 30 Resistance to Stun 30 Casting Spd 10 Atk Spd 10 Speed 7 RB Ixion drops Ixion Armor Set stats as for Vorpal unique accessory and cloak Earring of Ixion stats MP 482 Resistance to Poison 35 Resistance to Bleed 35 P Def 10 M Def 10 RB Pendragon drops Pendragon Armor Set stats as for Vorpal unique accessory and cloak Necklace of Pendragon stats HP 445 Decreases skill reuse delay Decreases MP consumption and Increases P Atk 10 M Atk 10Important InformationPerhaps for some it will be a revelation but there are several parts to High Five client We using High Five Part 5 exactly Differences in the clients are in the objects and textures in the game worldIn addition we use a geodata from an official PTS It includes all objects from High Five Part 5 If you are using clients from old parts you will encounter invisible objectsWe Highly Recommend using our High Five Part 5 game client from the site It already includes our system patch Geodata is not perfect thats why we made some tweaks to reduce the likelihood of failure under the texture control of the players position relative to the geodata sliding on the slopes of the mountainsWe also have a nogeo config If you are using our client and find an invisible object let us know through the forum or discord with loc coordinates not shout the gameThe coordinates of this object will be added to the config so that the geodata does not process this area


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