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L2-Templars Freya4

  • Date added: 2018-10-28 14:51:53
  • Owner: Thomas Fuchs
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Language: German
  • Geolocation: Germany
  • Platform / Type: L2J Normal
Server rates
  • EXP: 15
  • SP: 15
  • DROP: 9
  • ADENA: 12
  • Safe enchant: 4
  • Max enchant: 16
Good to know
  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom zone:
  • Custom weapon:
  • Custom armor:
  • Offline shop:
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Deutscher Lineage 2 High Five Server der noch im Aufbau ist. Tipps und Vorschläge sind gern gesehen.Wir wollen Lineage spielen, wie früher, als es noch Spass gemacht hat. PVP nur in Arena, KEIN PK!!!! (SONST BANN) Kein Donation ( man soll dafür arbeiten :))), Chronicle: High Five Part 5.
Base: High Five 100%.
Java: 8.1.
Gradle: 3.5
Rev: V-010 Stable.

Premium Account System.

Subclass Between Elves
Castle Manager Cloak.
Champions / Super Champions with Aura.
Community Board (Auction, Rebirth System, GM Shop, Gk, Services, Rules, Rankings, RB/GB, Online, etc).
Announce Hero Login.
Announce Castle Lord Login.
Announce Boss Kill & Boss Spawn.
Blue Spoil
Class Switcher.
Class Cloak With Stats.
Cancel Return.
Clan Leader Name & Title Color.
MultiFunctionZone / Custom PvP.
PvP / PK Nick & Title Color.
System PvP / PK Reward.
Support PvP / Pk System.
Stack Subclass.
Quake System.
Auto Restart Game Server.
Chat Limit per Level.
Master Transformation.
Newbie Guide.
Dead Player Chat Disabled.
Custom Start Title on Newbie Characters.
LeaderBoards (Arena, Craft, Fisherman, TvT).
Custom Clan Halls.
Recipe Elegia System.
Vote Reward.
Wedding System.
Welcome Message.
Fantasy Isle Parade.
Auto CP Pots
Shift + Click.

DressMe Command + Races, Online / Offline. (New design, Armors & Configs)
Go To CL.
Go To Mob.
Teleport (.Giran. .Aden, etc).
SellBuff Online/Offline + Enchant Skills.
Combine Talisman.
Change Password.

Achievement System.
The Avatar Element.
Questions Event.
Event Engine (TvT, CtF, DM, SV).
Pc Bang Points.
Squash Event.
Legion Squad.

Classic Events:
Gift of Vitality.
Character Birthday.
Heavy Medal.
Christmas Is Here.
Hallowed You.
The Valentine Event.
Freya Celebration.
Love Your Gatekeeper.
Master of Enchanting.
April Fool's
Catch A Tiger

Augment Manager
Bug Report.
Deluxe Gatekeeper.
Scheme Buffer.
Premium Scheme Buffer.
Vote shop.
Donate Merchant.
Forgotten Scrolls.
Medal Shop.
Top PvP / PK.
Safe Enchant.

Npc AntiBot
Over Enchant.
Enchant Near Warehouse.
Class Item Protection.

Instances & Quests:
Crystal Caverns (Baylor).
Seed of Infinity: Attack and Defence (Sufferng, Erosion, Infinity Ekimus).
Zaken (Easy, Hard, Night).
Freya (Easy & Hard).
Tower of Naia (Epidos & Beleth).
Pailaka Injured Dragon.
Seven Signs (All 12 Quest).
Seer Ugoros.
Fixed / IMP:
Lucky Pig.
Blood Altars.
Nevit's Blessing System All Working (Hunting Bonus, Nevit's Voice, Bonus Time, Nevit Hourglass).
Nevit Herald.
Treasure Chest (Retail Location and Drop).
Valakas Family.
Missing Html's.
Custom Items:
Premium Item for Status.
Donate Coins.
Vote Coins.
Rune Spoil / Adena
Cowboy Outfit + Hat.
Archer Red Armor + Hat.
White Royal Suit + Hat.
Green Wizard + Hat.
Dark Assassin + Hat.
White Assassin + Hat.
School Uniform.
Santa's Outfit
Class Cloaks.
Castle Cloaks.
and More...


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