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L2Balur High Five4

  • Date added: 2019-04-01 19:10:38
  • Owner: L2Balur
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Language: English
  • Geolocation: United States
  • Platform / Type: L2J MultiSkill
Server rates
  • EXP: 25
  • SP: 10
  • DROP: 10
  • ADENA: 20
  • Safe enchant: 3
  • Max enchant: 50
Good to know
  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom zone:
  • Custom weapon:
  • Custom armor:
  • Offline shop:
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Multiskill Server with custom items, skills, GOD weapons and armors.

Multiskill system allow you to learn all skills from all classes. Speak with NPC or use Forgotten Scroll to learn skills.

Rebirth system allow you to learn special abilities and improve stats of your character. After .rebirth command you will be delevel to 1 lvl and gain special scroll.

Server have custom skills, GOD weapons and armors and special enchantable items that give bigger bonuses with higher enchant level.

XP: x20
SP: x4
Drop Chance: x40
Raid Drop Chance: x10
Adena: x30
Multiskill system.
All classes can learn all skills.
Skills of another class costs x2 SP to learn.
Skills of another race costs x2 SP to learn.
Skills of fighters/mages costs x3 SP to learn.
Auto Pickup
Sheme Buffer
2h Buffs time
GM Schop (comsumbles, shots, runes, custom items)
Global GK (Towns and Catacombs)
Blasksmith (SA, Unseal, Craft)
Class Change with no Quest
Rebirth System with Special Skills
Additional Skills
Skills Change:
Totems: Usable with all weapons.
Light and Heavy Armor Masteries stackable but nerfed. Additional buff added to Robe Masteries
Additional Skills with PvP & PvE buffs and Slots (inventory, wh, store)


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