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Lineage2Inter Vote! Interlude 1

  • Date added: 2020-10-15 21:39:32
  • Owner: Lineage Fayre
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Coming soon: 2021-09-26 23:55:00 GMT+3
  • Language: English
  • Geolocation: France
  • Platform / Type: L2J Normal
Server rates
  • EXP: 500
  • SP: 500
  • DROP: 1
  • ADENA: 1
  • Safe enchant: 4
  • Max enchant: 16
Good to know
  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom zone:
  • Custom weapon:
  • Custom armor:
  • Offline shop:
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Chronicle Interlude
Rates x500 PVP
StartingSubclass Level 80
No Custom
Farm Difficulity Easy
Noblesse Status Buyable at Shop
Buffs Slots 3018DanceSong Slots
Available all buffs in buffer and scheme system


Safe 4
Max 16
Blessed Scroll 4 to 10 90 Chance
Blessed Scroll 10 to 16 40 Decreasing Chance
Blessed Scroll fail Return to 4
Golden Scroll 4 to 10 100 Chance
Golden Scroll 10 to 16 40 Decreasing Chance
Golden Scroll fail Keeps the enchant level


Mid Grade Chance 3
High Grade Chance 6
Top Grade Chance 9
Max 1 Active 1 Passive skill


Start time 1900 End 2300 GMT 3
Heroes changing every sunday
Max Enchant 6
Fights separated by base class Disabled
Minimum 9 Games Minimum 4 Points to be Hero


10 Raids with valuable drops
Epics Respawn Time scheluded to evenings
Queen Ant Daily
Zaken Daily
Baium 2 Days
Antharas 2 Days
Valakas 3 Days
Drop Blessed Jewels

Clans Alliances

No penalties
Max clan members 40
Max alliances 1 only for crest
Players limit per side in zones 18 2 Partys

Castle sieges

There are 2 claste sieges Dion and Rune
Castle siege duration 2 hours
Sieges are scheduled every 3 days at evenings
Passive skill added for owners as a reward


Tournament 1x1 2x2 5x5 9x9
Capture the Flag
Team vs Team


Protection against DDOS attacks
Farm protection 1 character per PC
Maximum number of 2 client windows running PC
Protection against BOT softwares Adrenalin Tower Interface Auto Farm

Additional Info

Retail Interlude Skills
Retail Class Balance
Max healers per party 2
Max titans per party 1
Cancellation Return Buff after 10 Secs
Chance Minimum Debuffs 10
Chance Maximum Debuffs 90
Geodata and Pathnodes 100
Free and no quest class change
Free and no quest sub class
Max subclasses 5
Offline mode Shop Yes
Auto Learn Skills Yes
Auto Loot Yes
Auto Loot Raid Grand Boss No
Drop protection 45 Secs
Wedding System Yes


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