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l2fenice Vote! Chronicle 4 0

  • Date added: 2022-06-10 20:51:09
  • Owner: l2fenice
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Language: English
  • Geolocation: France
  • Platform / Type: L2OFF Normal
Server rates
  • EXP: 30
  • SP: 30
  • DROP: 10
  • ADENA: 10
  • Safe enchant: 3
  • Max enchant: 16
Good to know
  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom zone:
  • Custom weapon:
  • Custom armor:
  • Offline shop:
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Server currency
Adena x10
Drop x10
Spoil x10
Raid Boss x5 
Seal Stone х5

Rates with a premium account

Adena x15
Drop x20
Spoil x20
Increase sharpening chance by 5
Increase craft chance by 5
Number of slots 40
Weight limit is 0

Server Currency
Adena the main currency of the GM shop Extracted from all monsters
Torch Is obtained in the Forge of Gods
Broken Relic Part Is obtained from Imperial Tomb
Festival Adena Extracted from all monsters at the TOP Location
Medal of Honor Is obtained by being rewarded in PVP
Coin of Luck Can be obtained by making a donation to the project

The price of the first profession is free
The price of the second profession free of charge
The third profession full passage
Simplified quest SubClass to Mimirs Elixir Reagents are sold in the GM shop Maximum number of SubClass 3
Quest Noblesse complete to pass 
Respawn Noble RB Barakiel 8 hours 10 minutes
Level Noble RB and guards 78
What would get the staff need to be on SabClass 75 level


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