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    L][Vandal Reborn Final Gracia
    « on: October 09, 2012, 03:02:27 AM »

    100% uptime!

    No Lag!

    client :Gracia Final

    L2Vandal Server News

    Welcome to L2Vandal Gracia Final Server

    Virus Net Cafe

    Enchant Safe +12 , Max +25

    Enchant Rate 80%

    No need of soulshots , arrows , bolts. They are Automatic.

    In Your inventory you will find Your PersonalPandora's Box Item which will help you at many things!

    Teleport,Augmentation,Shopping Basic armors and weapons, Upgrade class, Skill Enchantment, Drawing symbol(you do not need to buy any of DYE from now on to add a symbol).

    Farm zones

    Newbies Farm Zone Level 80-85

    Angels Waterfalls

    Parnassus Island

    Central Square

    Solo Farm Area LvL 85-90

    Level 85-95 Farm Zone

    Antharas Lair

    Skills after 80 LvL

    All skills after level 80 need Books to be learned. Check out Vandal's Gm Shop.Incase we missed a skill plz post at forum www.l2vandal.com .

    You do not need any soulshots,arrows or bolts in your inventory (They are automatically charged

    PvP Colored System added.


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