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    [L2J] l2Excess Interlude PvP
    « on: July 25, 2016, 07:31:02 AM »
    L2Excess Grand Opening - 25/07/2016 (GMT +2 , 18:00)

    L2Excess - Home

    At first we welcome you to l2Excess project. We hope that the gaming experience in our server will be awesome. Our server is designed to maintain not only good but also entertaining gameplay and we are working hard for it. Now it is time to introduce you to our server’s features.
    Main rates:
    Exp        :  x1000.
    Sp        :  x1000.
    Adena  : x1000.
    Drop    :  x1000.
    Enchant rates:
    Safe enchant +4.
    Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+20).
    Crystal scrolls max enchant (+26).
    Simple enchant scrolls chance - 80%.
    Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 100%.
    Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100%.
     Mid life stone skill chance - 5%.
    High life stone skill chance - 10%.
    Top life stone skill chance - 15%.
    Unique features:
     Main town – Giran.
    All castle sieges working.
    Wedding system.
    Unique farming areas.
     Npc skill enchanter.
     Unique tattoos.
    Custom high and low weapons.
     Full npc buffer with auto buff.
    Max count of buffs –
     Free and no quest class change.
    Free and no quest sub class.
    Free nobless status.
     No weight limit.
    Top PvP/Pk npc.
    Augmentation system.
     Server information npc.
    Unique monsters.
     Server up-time [24/7].
    Perfect class balance.
    Event npc spawn at Giran.
    Voice commands:
    .tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave Team versus Team event.
    .ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave Capture the flag event.
    .dmjoin .dmleave - Join of leave Deathmatch event.
    .online - Current online players count.
    .repair - Repairs stuck character in game.
    .vote – Opens the Vote Reward dialogue.
    .VoteReward – Converts Vote Points to Reward.
    .VoteTime – Tells you when you will be able to vote next time.
    .VotePoints – Tells you how many points you have accumulated.
    .deposit – Convents Adena to Not allowed Bar.
    .withdraw – Converts Not allowed Bar to Adena.
    Event system:
     TVT event.
     CTF event.
     DM event.
    Custom Gm events.

    Olympiad game:
     Retail olympiad game.
     Competition period [1] week.
    Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00].
    Olympoiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=26293.0
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