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    [L2J] Swampland - IL x100 - START 12/10/18
    « on: October 11, 2018, 02:59:41 PM »

    General Rates

    Exp: 100
    Adena: 10*
    Augmentation: 1+1, 20%
    Buff slots: 22 +4
    Caution: Noblesse does NOT take buff slot

    Enchant: Safe: 3 | Max: Weapon: 18, Armor: 12**

    Weapon rates:
    +4-6 80%, +7-9 75%, +10 70%
    each next enchant value the chance decreases by 5%

    Armor rates:
    +4 80%, +5 70% +6-8 60%, +9 55%
    +10 50%, +11 45%, +12 40%

    Blessed Scrolls
    When fail on enchanting, item does not get crystallized
    but it's enchant value will be reduced by 1.

    Crystal Scrolls
    When fail on enchanting, item does not get crystallized
    and so the enchant value.

    * - retail zones multiplier, custom zones has boosted drop
    ** - A-Grade is limited to +6 (+4 70%, +5 60%, +6 50%)

    New Character

    All new characters are born at 20 level in Town of Giran, inside the Temple.
    To help you on your journey, you are granted with a Starting Pack.
    Double click it to obtain following items:

    After that visit Elena, the Newbie trader to exchange Newbie Armor/Weapon Ticket's for D-Grade gear.

    Castle Sieges

    To ensure you the greatest PvP experience from the beginning, initially, there are only two available castles: Aden and Rune.


    The olympiad cycle lasts for 2 weeks. Default competition hours 18:00 - 00:00.
    To enhance the battle experience, you are able to select 5 basic buffs.
    Caution: Only A-Grade items are allowed.


    In order to become a nobleman you must bring me the following ingredients:
    300 Moonstones, 200kk Adena and Noble Emerald

    Shadow of Halisha

    'Duo' Raid Boss, Halisha is located inside Imperial Tomb.
    You must slay Halisha in oder to collect Noble Emerald
    required to obtain the noblesse status.
    Before you reach Halisha, you must pass through 4 rooms full of mobs.
    Each 1 min, the gates are being opened.
    Speak to the monument to open the first gates.
    Once initialized, the gates opens automatically.
    Droplist: 100% Noble Emerald, 50% for second item


    Party Raid Boss, Gordon is located inside tower of Hellbound Isle.
    Initial, spawn room is a chaotic zone.
    Stay alive, go through the bridge and reach second room to face Gordon.
    First room doors opens each 60 seconds.
    Gordon room doors opens each 90 seconds.
    Droplist: 100% 9x Noble Emerald


    Despite her power, she looks like a beautiful and innocent young girl.
    Slay Anakim to obtain the Ring of Anakim anakim.
    She is located near the Elven Village. The place is secret, you must find it.
    The twin, magic version of Queen Ant. Produces the following effects:

    Labyrinth of the Abyss

    Labyrinth of the Abyss is an instance zone, you can enter the zone only once per 24h.
    Depending on the level of your party, different Raid Bosses will be spawned.
    Important: You must have an party consist of 5 players, at least.
    Droplist: Shadow Grand Boss Jewels

    Hall Of Nightmares

    Rim Kamaloka, it's also an instance zone, you can enter the zone only once per 24h.
    You can enter solo or with a party.
    Droplist: Adena

    Lair of the Antharas

    Your very first farm zone. Gain experience, collect necessary items, fight for the boss.
    Feel the trash server of PVE.
    Droplist: Adena, Reagent Pouch

    Ruins of Despair

    Second, S-Grade zone.
    Here you can obtain sealed S-Grade gear and other necessary items.
    Over the Ruins of Despair you can find several raid bosses, see below. You may farm here solo, eventually, but party farm is highly recommended.
    Droplist: Adena, Flames of Desire, Black Flames of Desire,
    Weapon/Armor/Jewerly Tresure Chest*
    * - double click to obtain a random item


    Swampland is our custom items farm zone. It's an instanced zone.
    You will get here all necessary items to create your custom armor, weapon and SA.
    Droplist: Dark Astatine, Darkness Gem, Black Coin, Black Gemstone, Energy Condenser

    Find the Chest

    Everyday at 20:00 mini event will take place.

    Invisible chests will be randomly spawned over the Garden of Eva's secret room.

    In order to reveal the chest, use the Sixth Sense. Then, use the Magic Key to obtain the drop.
    Droplist: Adena and Medal of Honor 20% chance

    Party Event

    Register your party, show that you are not afraid. You can register any party count from 2 to 9.
    Caution: You must challenge the same party size.
    Do your best to get the MVP status of the challenge and earn Prince's Trophy.
    You can exchange it for various goods.

    Donate Manager

    - AIO Token for 30 days, double click it to obtain the AIO status.
    Caution: All your skills will be removed and replaced with buffs.
    - Augmentation Stone, a special stone allowing you to select specific skill
    - Color Rune, allows you to change your title color
    - Fake Costumes, cover your real armor with a costume
    - Shadow Jewelry, mirrored power, time limited jewelry, usage time 2 hours

    Useful commands

    .res - instant resurrection of your character*
    * - Blessed Resurrection Stone required
    .repair - repairs all characters on your account
    .changepin - assign new PIN code to your character
    .instancezone - shows re-use time of instance entry
    .aiotime - shows time left of AIO status
    .aiolist - displays the list of all AIO characters
    double-click the Adena* to convert it into Bellows Not allowed**
    * - the conversion rate 500.000.000 : 1
    ** - double-click Bellows Not allowed to receive Adena

    Website https://l2swamp.com/
    Forum https://l2swamp.com/forum/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28686.0