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[GUIDE] Setting Up L2j Web Account Manager
« on: December 14, 2010, 11:24:07 AM »
This Guide experts in Creating your servers databases,databases users,configuring Daedalus L2J Account Manager,in a way that your server is fully protected.
This Guide is addressed for account managers,installed in a different server than the server your gameserver is running on,with your account manager configured properly,to be able to connect to your gameserver's loginserver database securely.

This is a very important part about your server's security.

First of all i suggest you to have seperate databases for loginserver and gameserver.
A good choice is to make a database called loginserver for your loginserver(Login server database includes,your server's accounts basically)
As for the  gameserver i suggest you to make a database called gameserver.
I assume you already know how to install your l2j server database in 2 seperate databases.(one database for login server,one database for gameserver)
Now,that you have your databases installed,make sure you make the step 1 from database part.(This step is to later in this Guide)

Okay,you must now set up the proper permissions user/database permissions in  order to proceed to the Account Manager Tutorial.

In this tutorial you will create 1 extra user for your account manager in your website to have access in your database.

1)Open your Navicat. (www.navicat.com)
2)open your connection to the localhost
3)Click the "Manage Users" icon.
4)Now you see there is already a user in your mysql server.The (root@localhost) user,click create new user.In the hostname field write the server ip that you have your website.
(Note**The ip i am telling about isn't the ip you see in your Cpanel,or the ip you got from your hosting account information.It is the true server ip that your website is hosted in this server,This is because the ip of your website has blocked inbound traffic,and your script won't work.So you must ask your hosting provider what is the server's basic ip address)
Then the ip address they told you,you must put it in the hostname field.
For username we are gonna use "web_acm" without the quotes for this tutorial.
As for the password you can use whatever you like,but make sure you write them down on a paper,because you can forget this information.
Okay,now you have succesfully created the user that has access to your loginserver database, from your website.
5)You must now,give proper permissions to that user.Now left click,on your web_acm user,you will now see your 2 databases.(loginserver,gameserver),left click again to loginserver.(now you can see some tables)left click to accounts table(you can now see some fields.The only permissions you must give are "Select, Insert, Update".
Now do the same thing for the account_data table,but now you must give these permissions."select, insert, delete"
6)Done,your permissions are set correctly.

                     ACCOUNT MANAGER TUTORIAL

Download it's latest version by clicking this link.
New Version  :Account Manager
SVN Version :SVN
Timeline :Account Manager
Old Version :Account Manager
Follow the steps bellow.

1)Upload this .zip folder in your webspace,in plublic_html(if you have Cpanel as your  control panel) and if you don't have Cpanel this is probably your web folder (www) that you need to upload your .zip file.
2)Extract it.You will see now a folder called account_manager.
3)Rename account_manager folder to acm.
4)We need to set permissions for some files in order to install and make the account manager work.
5)In the root directory of acm (/acm/) set permissions of all files to 644.
6)Inside of (/acm/libs/) set permissions to all files to 644.
7)Inside of (/acm/libs/plugins/) set permissions to all files to 644.
8 )Inside of (/acm/libs/internals/) set permissions to all files to 644.
9)Inside of (/acm/language/) set permissions to all files to 644.
10)Go in (/acm/classes) and change permissions of all files to 644.
11)Inside  (/acm/templates/) you can see the templates you have.For each template you want to use,go inside it's folder and give 644 permissions to all the files,and then go to its /image folder and give 755 permissions to all images too.
Don't try to give 644 privilenges to the files of a folder,by giving 644 to the folder,this will not change the privilenges of the files inside.

Configuration part

Configure in the (/acm/) the config.php to match your loginserver's database settings.(in the hostname put your dedicated server's ip,for database use your loginserver database,and for user use the user you created for your website to access your loginserver "web_acm is the user used in this tutorial",in the password put your user's password)

Database part

Execute the db.sql to the login server database.


Run the install.php to see if all things go right.
If you see all things as ok then all went right.

Your Account Manager is now perferctly configured and your database is secured.

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=2016.0



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    Re: [GUIDE] Setting Up L2j Web Account Manager
    « Reply #1 on: December 17, 2010, 07:43:54 AM »
    c/p i find it :P

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