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    [Project] aCis - Interlude
    « on: April 10, 2011, 08:59:14 AM »


    The mother forums : understand than 2/3 of overall forums is hidden, but reachable according your "trust" level.
    faCebook fan page : updated rarely
    crappy YouTube channel : showing features.
    aCis Discord


    aCis (acronym for "another Crappy interlude server") is a Java emulator, based on L2J work, aiming Interlude chronicle. The project begun around december 2010, when at this time there wasn't anymore active project, and is still active.


    aCis' goals is to deliver a fresh vision of what a pack developement must be ; understand we aim things differently than others packs devs.

    A lot of work is still needed, but so far we already made a lot, fixing hundreds - if not thousands - issues. Join the community in order L2J world got one day a decent IL emulator.

    How to get access

    Freemium is often used in MMO industry : it's the fact to give access to a free content for all, but locking some aspects of gameplay/features for subscribers.

    On aCis, the concept is similar, but there is a big difference in the term you can CONTRIBUTE and get updates for free. So yes, contributors got more powers than customers, which got themselves more powers than free users.

    In that topic you will find informations concerning :
    • Types of groups
    • Price
    • Terms of Agreement


    • A free revision will be shared every 10 revisions steps (ex : I commit rev 300, I will share rev 290 for free).
    • The free users got no support, nor hotfix. They use old sources with unfixed stuff, free to them to update sources themselves (based on next free sources or no), share in order to get free updates (and becoming an IC member), or pay in order to be up-to-date (customer).
    • Free users can contribute to project using free sources, and be rewarded for their work (see contributor section).
    • You will have access to latest sources and diff patches.
    • Access to custom && FAQ boards.
    • I will give support for any issue concerning the pack itself. I don't busy about your customs.
    • You can evolve from customer to Outer/Inner Circle status if you're an active member, as free users can do aswell.
    • You haven't access to SVN / Timeline.

    As you pay per revision and not by delay, it means you can have to wait for revisions. Any whine concerning revision delay will be automatically dropped.

    • Free users as customers can reach that status sharing.
    • New/old helpers are part of Outer Circle. It's a needed step in order to enter in Inner Circle. They got access to few internal boards.
    • Main contributors are rewarded by Inner Circle status, they got access to SVN / Timeline, got access to all boards and don't pay any fee.
    • That access is maintained until they stop to contribute or contribution amount becomes too low.

    • A cycle is a stack of 10 revisions, 0 to 9. Each subscription is linked to a cycle. Ppl who donate during a "cycle" will see either their subscription delayed to next cycle beginning, or activated to the beginning of the current cycle.
    • The price is as following : 10€/cycle. If current cycle is begun, you have access to 0 sources + diff patches up to latest known changeset.
    • Paid via Paypal on that address : [email protected]. If your country isn't part of European Union, you will have to add 10% to the total amount you wanted to donate (Paypal tax).
    • If your payment doesn't follow my conditions, your payment will be returned back.
    • Once you donated, send me a PM on those forums or on MxC in order I agree to setup your forum account.


    Using aCis, you accept the following:
    • You can't sell aCis pack, customized or not.
    • You can't share any revision posterior to current free revision.
    • aCis forks are allowed for following conditions:
      • Your pack stays open source (in order useful fixes can be used in the main pack).
      • You can use any of the free versions as base.
      • You don't update it with revisions posterior to current free revision.
    Breaking rules lead to following punishements:
    • As Customer/Inner Circle, an immediate forum rank drop. In case you donated, I won't refund your money.
    • No support of any kind.
    • A boycott of your pack, notably your marketing topics, no matter used forums.

    Final words

    No work, no cookies


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=2860.0
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    Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
    « Reply #1 on: April 10, 2011, 11:48:59 AM »
    Best Free Soucre Project Around!
    But Not Ready For Live Server!! :)
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      Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
      « Reply #2 on: April 10, 2011, 03:54:13 PM »
      Yea, it needs a lot to be done. But it's the best free choice..


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      Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
      « Reply #3 on: April 10, 2011, 04:02:16 PM »
      Yea, it needs a lot to be done. But it's the best free choice..
      cleaner, more retail like, almost no custom config, but not ready for live.

      l2jfrozen more customs, ready for live.(the 2nd Good Free Soucre Project) But With Many Mistakes On Java Codes!

      in few days acis will got skills done so u will be able make a pvp server at least!
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        Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
        « Reply #4 on: April 30, 2011, 01:05:04 PM »
        I thought that I begin to refresh this topic , so I present to you the next changeset!  8)

        Changeset 92

        XMLization !

        We got another XMLlizer, treaser :P. Ty to him for those 2 shares.

            2 tables are now XMLs, teleport and newbie buffs.
            Reorganisation of XMLs (data/xml).
            Couple of little fixes, such as Config.DATAPACK_ROOT and unification of XMLs errors messages.

        Added protection blessing core support. Wait for 5100-5199 for effect.

        Old changesets can be found HERE.
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          Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
          « Reply #5 on: May 03, 2011, 05:05:20 AM »
          Changeset 93

          Inventories update, part I

          • update each type of inventory.
          • correct items consumption problems.
          • fix around 10 different issues, such as bad synchronizing, freight exploits && missing checks.
          • inventories (mainly normal inventory and freight) are loaded FAR faster.
          • added not 1, not 2, but 3 configs ! Ooooohhhhh !

          Break definitively augmentations, which still need a complete refactor. The pet inventory isn't supported yet aswell (need PetTable? and model entire refactor).

          Tested skills consumptions, and the triforce (WH, CWH, and freight). Anyway, report if errors occur.


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            Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
            « Reply #6 on: May 06, 2011, 02:50:01 AM »
            Changeset 94

            Inventories update, part II

            I warn you : this update is pretty huge. Well, you could think "he says that to each commit nowadays", lol, and the worst is : you're right, as I'm right saying it's huge Cheesy.

            Inventory refactor
            • Paperdolls refactors, LRHAND dissapears (not the slot !). Bows/staff are now considered as RHAND.
            • DHAIR => HAIRALL. Just to understand better 'what the hell is this crap'.
            • inventories instanciation. Should make sad some exploiters.
            • formal wear retail way (alldress slot).
            TradeList refactor
            • refactor the buylists loading (no more .csv support).
            • correct and improve (adding checks, using fun stuff) packets using them. Add some checks, those sorts of stuff.
            "Wear/Try on" system
            • Drop of the old "wear/try on" system, and of all old methods (isWear, and such).
            • The new one is buggy as I miss packets infos, and the only infos come from Freya (this stuff has been implemented on L2J around rev 44xx). WearList > ShopPreviewList, and added a new packet, ShopPreviewInfo.
            • The new system doesn't need checks as it's only a packet which change the appearance of your stuff. Basically not exploitable, and extremely light in ressources' usages (before an item was created, used, then deleted).

            • L2ManorManager refactor (warning : as I ^_^ with manors uses, I didn't manage to test crops/seeds sell/buy etc. I would like someone teach me how this crap works one day, lol).
            • refactor of the way to count arrows.
            • some packets refactors (mainly RequestCrystallizeItem), and many cleans.
            • a GM can't use hero weapons anymore if he isn't a hero himself, in order to avoid the "*** bug" at relog, which made me lose 30min to find why it happened (and when a inventory refactor comes, you're pretty nervous about "WHY THE FOCK THIS *** HERO BOW IS REMOVED AT RELOG AND NOT OTHERS WEAPONS ?).
            • correction of a couple (around 10) of logs names... Ty Sentinel to open my eyes on this awful critical issue which could destroy the Earth and humanity. Which isn't a awful critical issue which could destroy the Earth and humanity, but still make you cry.
            Admin commands
            • ended the refactor of AdminEditNpc (both "edit" and "shop" parts have been corrected and improved).
            • AdminEnchant send only one message if you're the target.

            And once again :
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              Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
              « Reply #7 on: May 08, 2011, 07:11:04 AM »
              Changeset 95

              Inventories update, part III

              • Warehouses clientpackets updates

              • ClanHallManager? refactor
              • mana consumption for CH buffs corrected
              • teleports lists corrected and/or added (schuttgard was missing) using Freya.

              • StatusUpdate? update.

              Changeset 96

              ArmorSets? table XMLization, ty treaser for initial share.
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                Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                « Reply #8 on: May 11, 2011, 02:52:16 PM »
                Changeset 97

                XMLization of pet_stats, plus a couple of rework.

                Many values are now automatically calculated, not loaded from table. Trysekll need to experiment and debug a lot on this side, as calculations seem incorrect.

                Pets got many problems anyway.

                Changeset 98

                Move of zone.xml in xml folder, plus a little clean on ZoneManager?.

                Changeset 99

                4200-4299, ty SweeTs? (not boasting, it's me) for initial work.

                Changeset 100

                Pets refactor, part II

                • Reorganization of the XML and loading process
                • Update of the FeedTask?, with now the possibility of pet deletion if it is hungry (30% => 5% luck, 10% => 30% luck).
                • Some stuff which will be used when items refactor will come.
                • Hungry state setup to 55% (will be used for autoconsumption of food).

                Pets are still heavily broken (3 major problems), and they need items refactors from now (currently, food isn't considered as pet item).
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                  Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                  « Reply #9 on: May 14, 2011, 05:55:13 AM »
                  Changeset 101

                  FishTable XMLization, ty treaser for initial share.

                  • XMLization of fish.sql => fishes.xml
                  • To respect naming conventions in the XML folder, zone.xml => zones.xml

                  Changeset 102

                  Augmentations refactor

                  Yeah, fully working. What more to say...
                  • augmentations are added when unequip/equip items, and loaded with inventory.
                  • Tryskell used Freya, and deleted all accessories part, plus useless stuff (yellow array, useless method,...)
                  • augments are now deleted with items, when a character is deleted aswell.
                  • active augments got their cooltime stored.
                  • some security checks added in concerned packets.

                  About DP :
                  • c/p of the skillmap (go from 58ko to ~530ko)
                  • if there are problems about eventual postIL skills, tell me on forum. But from what I know, all are in the 3100/3200/3300.
                  • added a couple of configs.

                  Misc :
                  • drop of getItemGrade(), which called getCrystalType(). Why it existed, I have sincerly no idea. And you can't say dev was drunked, because he did the javadoc, and said on it "it is the same". Lol.
                  • mini reorganization in Config.java, in order to make lines less big. Just spaces basically.

                  Changeset 103

                  ClanHalls refactor + Singletons

                  Well, it begun with a correction of singletons, and it ends by a clanhall update :)

                  CHs / Auctions
                  • Added the missing 22th auction, (Gludio or gludin) Moonstone Hall.
                  • Corrected CHs loading process (Contestable aren't considered as auctionable)
                  • Corrected week leases of all CHs (c/p freya), and descriptions.
                  • Many typos, improvements and singletonizations of related instances.
                  • Some singletonizations.
                  • Added RequestExMagicSkillUseGround packet content (signets), ty Zerador for info.
                  • Manufacturing checks are now made in clientpacket, not in serverpacket.
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                    Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                    « Reply #10 on: May 18, 2011, 01:19:36 AM »
                    Changeset 104

                    Cursed weapons refactor, 1 skill XML

                    • added propers messages at cursed owner login;
                    • debugged cw_add (missing time task activation, and bug when you added 2 weapons on same character);
                    • singletonizations, typos, missing checks, code actualization;
                    • cursedWeapons.xml renamed cursed_weapons.xml, following the general XML naming convention.
                    • GrandBosses, feeded beasts and guards can't drop them.

                    • All freakin typos errors "equiped"/"unequiped" are now "equipped"/"unequipped".
                    • "DropIt" => "dropIt"
                    • refreshed the reward method (doItemDrop) in L2Attackable.
                    • Added 5100-5199 (signets working without force condition, but they work);
                    Go post "Tryskell is right, you're all QQ" here : http://www.l2jserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=82&t=22092

                    Changeset 105

                    4600-4699 xml + core support

                    Changeset 106

                    Last skill XML is now commited : 4700-4799.

                    From now, and for any skill behavior/values, you can post problems on the unique topic "skills problem", in "reports CORE errors" section.

                    Changeset 107

                    ConfirmDlg? refactor, SummonFriend? fix

                    • you can now add multiple things in ConfirmDlg? (popups for ress, summon friends, wedding accept). Timer, Zone area and many more are now supported.
                    • Timer (30 seconds) and requesterId (fix bugged accept issue) added for Summon Friend. The popup shows too the zone where the requester is.
                    • corrected an issue (when charm of courage will work, it would make the accept button buggy aswell).
                    • modified the generic wedding popup generic for another (normally correct the "?" typo).

                    • IsInCombat? fix. Fix "pets stuck in combat" issue (couldn't unsummon if you "attack" then "stop" the attack before the pet attacks).

                    Changeset 108

                    AdminCommands? refactor, HTMs spring clean

                    • deletion of //set (if I got many whines on forum, I will add it back, but not on this version anyway). I know it can be useful (modifying configs ingame directly), but not this form (or you have to memorize each godamn config).
                    • drop of AdminTest? ; the only survivor, //st, has been moved to AdminSkill?.
                    • merge of AdminShutdown? && AdminLogin? (read DP side).

                    DP side

                    • remove of //recall_npc ghost button
                    • accountinfo cleaned, charskills updated (add of removereuse button + broken link fix)
                    • merge of shutdown && login, to maintenance

                    By the way, all skills XMLs are now done. Ty to all people who helped to rewrite/check them. Some errors are still up, and I still need you to check skills behaviors / misfunctions. When some changes were obvious to my mind and I made changes "on the fly" (such as Invocation), some changes can be more misty/out of my mind. It's time to polish skills. :)
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                      Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                      « Reply #11 on: May 20, 2011, 08:02:06 AM »
                      Changeset 109

                      Skills fixes (signets restrictions, ChanceSkillTrigger)

                      • ChanceSkillTrigger debug (work now on any L2Character instead of L2Playable). Debug mirage and all augments using this type of effects.
                      • RemoveTarget effect now deletes completely the attackstance (it was keeping attacking even with target off, lol).
                      • Added back Battle/SpellForce.
                      • Deleted EffectForce. Old ruin of past memories. Or something like "very very old thing" :)
                      • Added right conditions for signets cast. They now work (near) as they should.
                      Tryskell decided to use the generic "work everywhere" systemMessage 113 for skill's unavailable forces number condition. If you find a cooler or the exact message (if it's the wrong message), tell me.

                      In another hand, if you think I missed a check on FusionSkill, tell me aswell. Don't wait 40 revs to say "hey, you got a problem here". It normally checks following states : death, under attack, party break, subclass change.

                      Changeset 110

                      Zone update

                      • L2PoisonZone is renamed for L2EffectZone (and reworked...).
                      • Skills affect only L2Playable instances type (summons and players).
                      • Remove a warning on L2DamageZone (no effects).


                      • Add an debuff effect on Orfen Lair :P Added to the swamp effect, you're really lame now.
                      • Renamed the 167 PoisonZones?, nothing more.

                      Should correct this issue :  http://img541.imageshack.us/img541/3423/erroria.jpg
                      If skills XMLs end didn't do it.
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                        Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                        « Reply #12 on: May 29, 2011, 08:40:28 AM »
                        Changeset 111

                        Sieges fixes + weapons cAtk fix

                        All the code from sieges is entirely from me. That means yeah, I can do other things than c/p, but that means yeah, it can have after-effects as it has been tested only by me, and on a short time laps. So feel free to test all possibilities and report on forum for eventual NPEs/errors I didn't think about.

                        • admin commands about sieges won't bypass anymore conditions (can't reg 50 times same clan as attacker/etc).
                        • The SQL code to include clan on sieges has been improved (avoid duplicate).
                        • replaced circlets for crown at chamberlain "Give a crown" option. My bad.
                        • remove both crowns and circlets (before only circlets were removed) ;
                        • Crowns and circlets are removed only at the end of a siege (and not at middle time victory like before), and only if the initial castle's owner differs from the end owning castle's owner.
                        • Corrected restriction to avoid to register on multiple sieges at the same time (retail confirmed).
                        • Added alliance restriction, clan A/B of the same alliance can't anymore register on different side of a castle's siege. They have to be both on attack/defense.
                        • Added message for people who aren't clan leaders and try to register to a siege (You aren't authorized...)
                        • Replace all buggy "cAtk" for "cAtkAdd" in order to correct bugged critical damages, credits to SweeTs.

                        Issues :
                        L2J Freya bug : the skill "Spam is not allowed of Ruler" (seems) bugged, if you changed of target at cast's end it will try to take the objectID of your ACTUAL target, not on the previous one (so if your actual target isn't an artifact, the entire cast process fails). I got already an idea to fix it, which could be used in order to make some others actions (trade, etc) secured aswell.
                        I would like informations about missing stuff from sieges, in order to make another refactor part. I would like to add artifact zones mainly. So give ideas on forums, with eventually proofs about what you say.


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                          Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                          « Reply #13 on: June 01, 2011, 02:11:18 PM »
                          Changeset 112

                          Some deletions, circlets/crowns fix

                          • Deletion of L2ControllableMob (as the poll shows it, no one knew the existence of this feature).
                          • Deletion of WayPointNode? (old code, no idea why it's still on Freya), and the 5 related variables in Config.java
                          • Fix the NPE scenario about circlets/crowns removal. Surely due to NPC owning castle.
                          • admin panel reorganization : move of strider/wyvern from "effects" to "teleport" panel, add of unride option.

                          If there are still errors at removal circlets/crowns, please consider to give full infos, such as actual people on, who's attacker/defender, etc. Try to test with not defenders on.

                          Changeset 113

                          DayNightSpawnManager? refactor.
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                            Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                            « Reply #14 on: June 02, 2011, 05:26:20 AM »


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                              Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                              « Reply #15 on: June 07, 2011, 01:11:11 PM »
                              Changeset 114

                              Duel refactor
                              • singletons
                              • one case of permaduel fixed
                              • code clean, typo
                              • less packets update

                              The "error" at withdrawal is related to client side. It could (and read the "could") be related to server, but it's not supported at all else. Variable $s1 should be $s2.

                              Changeset 115

                              Spam is not allowed of Ruler zoning restriction.

                              Ty DiNoR for initial XML/SQL values, and Ferb for idea/report.

                              Work better with geodata on. Don't report if you got zoning error without the use of geodata... If players respect zones, zones respect players :P.

                              Changeset 116

                              Correct all recipes for IL values, ty DiNoR for initial work.

                              If some are still missing, you're allowed to cry on forum.

                              Changeset 117

                              Multiple little fixes

                              • Dance of medusa got anew a time.
                              • Some packets modifications (added some packets infos, etc).

                              Nothing to kill yourself.
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                                Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                                « Reply #16 on: June 16, 2011, 05:11:38 AM »
                                Well, some news from the battlefront, as ppl got currently those sort of words :

                                Quote from: CRY ME A RIVER
                                What the fock are you doing, there are no commits since 767676767 mins!

                                Items refactor is moving on. To resume the operation, it transforms all previous SQLs / XMLs to XMLs (following Freya), and will affect the whole loading process of items (etcitems, weapons && armors), unify models.

                                The loading process is now fine (both DP and core side), and the server uses around 15mo lesser than before (from 270mo free -> 287mo free on 512 total ram).

                                Duals +4 skills are now implemented. Items continue to use handlers, but use skills from skills XMLs, not core-written skills anymore. I still got some things to debug, like items consumption, but it's pretty nice atm.

                                ETA time is around 1 week, and will mainly depend of DiNoR's self-work on DP. We take Freya DP to revert it to IL stats values. There are 93 XMLs to correct. A first part (part I) will come soon, followed by part II and surely part III. Total ETA time for items is around 2 to 3 weeks maximum.

                                If you want to help, begin to test items behavior after release of Items refactor part I. You will have to report all suspects items.

                                Atm, Tryskell & DiNoR don't need help, just time.

                                Many things have been corrected since yesterday. Items consumption is now fine, some shares have been integrated (thx momo61 for old share lol, finally it's released ^^).

                                I'm currently porting the ExtractableSkillsData engine from csv to xml, and truely enjoy arrayoutofboundsexception errors  ::).

                                Current diff patch (of next revision) is 4760 added lines, 6500 removed. Only speaking of core side.

                                Changeset 118

                                [SpartaCis] Items refactor - part I

                                Many has been done those last days. Thx to DiNoR for incredible fast work on DP ^^.

                                • Items don't use anymore SQLs. All engine and DP is made for/of XMLs. All items can be found on data/stats/items, and follow original game system (melting armors, wepaons, and etcitems in same files).
                                • SkillHolder implementation.
                                • Duals got now their +4 passive skills.
                                • shortBuffTask implementation (healing potions icons).
                                • Apprentice PK && CW drop restrictions are now handled in DP.
                                • Full rework of shots, + 2 fixes (1 due to Freya, 1 old).
                                • Items icons now fade if the item is of same sharedReuse group. Item shortcuts timers are still buggy (as Freya).
                                • Potions / Elixirs can be casted during casting. Thx momo61 for initial share.
                                • Some beginning rework on petItem. isPetItem() => isPetCollar(), isPetItem() implementation (consider pet armors/weapons as pet items). This chapter is buggy, even on current L2J Freya. More work will come soon or later.
                                • update for BroadcastStatusUpdate, in order to get less sent packets (limit mana updates)
                                • L2ExtractableItems are ported from initial .csv to existing skills XMLs. No more loading process for it.
                                The second part of items refactor will come once people tested and report eventual problems with part I. So you know what you have to do: TEST !
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                                  Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                                  « Reply #17 on: June 18, 2011, 09:15:00 AM »
                                  Changeset 119

                                  AdminCommands refactor.

                                  Here are fresh commands for you, mighty admins ^^.

                                  ADDED COMMANDS
                                  • cameramode: same as retail //camera, thx to Airin (L2J User contribution) http://www.l2jserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=19618
                                  • admin_summon_info: displays an information window about target summon
                                  • admin_unsummon: unsummon target's pet/summon or target
                                  • admin_summon_setlvl: set the pet's level
                                  • admin_show_pet_inv: show pet's inventory (currently NOT WORKING)
                                  • admin_party_info: find party infos of targeted character, if any
                                  • admin_clan_info: find clan infos of the character, if any
                                  • admin_remove_clan_penalty: removes clan penalties
                                  DELETED COMMANDS
                                  • save_modifications, part of the "Edit" button panel of the selected character.
                                  • visible/invisible, deprecated cause of the existence of vis/invis.
                                  • Many panels are improved. Some holes have been filled aswell with the new commands.
                                  • Main panel have "dualbox" and "pet infos" buttons
                                  • "List" > select a character got a fresh panel with new added commands.
                                  • "Edit" button panel has been seriously revisited. It got only useful stuff.
                                  • Cleaned 2 skills. Nothing for you.
                                  • L2ClanMember typos.

                                  Changeset 120

                                  Some little fixes.
                                  • core support for isClanSkill().
                                  • add an effect on Grade Penalty skill (-50% runspd/atkspd/cstspd).
                                  • update correctly passive skill list when Grade Penalty occurs.
                                  • update/complete 2 serverpackets.
                                  • change calcLvlDependModifier formula method.

                                  Experimental : Point3D doesn't use "synchronize" anymore, which means less used ressources. Such points are used for signets casting as exemple. If you handle strange behavior on signets positioning or such, please contact on forum asap. This fix has been released recently on L2J.

                                  Changeset 121

                                  Fix hennas typos problems. Additionally improve DB structure for those tables.

                                  Ty stanus for report.

                                  PS : prices have been updated aswell. When they seem more... normal (from my player's PoV), if you got proofs old prices were retail, send screen / cry on forum ^^.

                                  Changeset 122

                                  Items, part 1.5 ^^

                                  Correct following errors :
                                  • stackable items (5 missing);
                                  • herbs effects (both DP && core issue);
                                  • SoE castles/clans (it was using the old itemhandler, used for backward compatibility, but now it was bypassing real effects so bb old itemhandler and welcome new generation :);
                                  Misc :
                                  • added a config for bosses items drop rate;
                                  • fixed the targeting issue when sitting (when you double protect something sometimes that bugs, lol).
                                  • added Dummy skillhandler, correct "the DUMMY skillType isn't implemented". You can launch fireworks without bugs ! Eweussaumeu !

                                  Changeset 123

                                  • Add core support && DP for Court Magician (allow to use castle crown's skill), currently fully working.
                                  • Correct shields item restriction (as they migrated from L2Weapon to L2Armor).
                                  • Improve EffectFear (geodata check). I still don't know why mobs take time to be affected. It's not due to effect anyway.
                                  If by any hazard, the Court Magician got other stuff, consider send as much infos as you got on forum, and if possible with proofs about what you say. I didn't manage to find any decent IL infos, except the clan gate part.

                                  Changeset 124

                                  Items refactor, part II

                                  • Replace all differences in terms of values and names typos from Freya to IL.
                                  • Added back pet armor/weapons type, and bodypart related to pet's race. Drop of is_petitem boolean.
                                  • Added all missing onCast skills.
                                  • correct tatoos/cloaks, add pDef to cloaks.
                                  • Added missing SAs.
                                  • Corrected all typos.
                                  • And many more...

                                  DP part entirely made by DiNoR, thanks him for the amazing work :)

                                  Items DP is supposed to be finished. Consider report any strange item. Ty in advance.

                                  Changeset 125

                                  Misc fixes.

                                  • Correct all skills values "cAtk" from 1.3/1.4/1.5 to 1.3/1.325/1.35. Ty Zerador for the report.
                                  • Fixes buggy entrance message on arenaZone.
                                  • Add 2 Arena managers on Giran and Gludin arenas. Move the Derby Monster Track one outside the arena. Corrects the hardcoded CP recovery for a buff use, and add a popup if you haven't enough adenas (ty Zerador for the initial code).
                                  • Crests refactor, should correct all problems of crests for clan/ally (staying crests after ally kick).
                                  • Added back ToI and coliseum doors as opened at server start.
                                  • Added the passive buff "Equip Set Items", which is added/removed in same time than a set passive skill. Verified from a L2Off.

                                  Report if you still got problems with crests, I only managed to put/remove/change one to see if I have broken something :P
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                                    Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
                                    « Reply #18 on: June 23, 2011, 06:25:49 AM »

                                    Based on L2J last revision, refactored using L2J Hellbound / Freya parts.

                                    The project (both source and timeline) can be accessed by anyone. So spare us your condescendant posts about IL.
                                    If you're IL hater, just forgive to post here, and go play your "aion-like" game with kamalols & flying ships :)

                                    Main goal of aCis

                                    • basically, the goal of aCis is to give back L2 to L2 :
                                    • correct skills
                                    • include current L2J stuff, like actual MMOcore
                                    • remove *** custom / useless configs
                                    • to give admins revisited admin tools, far lighter than before.

                                    Where's the L2 back to L2? First of all you got a lot of custom things. Secondly I really can't get it, how the hell you have all of the skills working since you run on l2j? :S You really must be another "l33t-show-off-guy"... Sorry but, immo this is bulls**t.


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                                      Re: [Project] aCis - Interlude
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                                      With troll I won't won, so no comment..
                                      But, one thing puzzles me..

                                      First of all you got a lot of custom things.

                                      Changeset 126

                                      DONT UPDATE IF YOU DONT READ THE WHOLE CRAP.

                                      Quest engine / AIs, part I

                                      Quest engine.
                                      • rework of quests engine, using the unstable L2J trunk, in order to be able to use java files (mainly AIs).
                                      • deletion of the jscript folder. If you want to help refactoring quests, save this folder anywhere else, or dl back IL quests. "scripts" folder is added, with some AIs.
                                      • Some AIs added. They're supposed to be final and working. Report all you can about them. I only tested chests and Gordon.
                                      • Addition of many configs, mainly about World/Grand Bosses and quest rates. Report bosses respawn timers on the forum, as they seem all wrong.
                                      PS : The engine has been stripped of the compiled cache stuff (.rar-ed events and such). ON_SKILL_LEARN has been dropped too.
                                      • Reworked AIs. Mobs can know support, heal when low HPs, use skills (they spam them those bitches...)
                                      • npc_ai_data.sql has been added. It is supposed to get all AIs stuff concerning NPCs templates.
                                      • some infos of npc.sql have been deleted, and moved to npc_ai_data (mainly faction => clan).
                                      • npcskills.sql is renamed npc_skills.sql
                                      • L2MinionInstance is dropped. Now all minions are normal L2Monsters. They're still linked to the leader via the minions.sql
                                      • datapack is now parametered to see java errors. Allow easy debug on java quests.
                                      • NpcSat, TutorialCloseHtml, TutorialEnableClientEvent serverpackets added.
                                      • core support for tutorial quest (Q255).

                                      Two issues exist on hardcoded AIs :
                                      • minions dont appear back, even if the leader is alive (whatever mobs, general AI issue).
                                      • mobs with caster types skills don't attack back if their casting range is higher than the distance of the player. Saying it differently, they stay without moving at their position until you reach the good distance. Kinda strange.

                                      No issue has been found currently about the quest engine itself (loading Python/Java correctly).
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